Blank Heavy Duty Label Rolls May Not Be as “Heavy Duty” as You Think

Have you ever purchased something based on the stated information, waited for it to arrive, and disappointed to find the product wasn’t what you were expecting? If so, you are not alone. When searching for a durable label online, the term “heavy duty” can lead you to believe you’re getting a product that will survive harsh conditions and repeated use when this is not the case. Here’s what you need to know before searching for “heavy duty” labels online.

Deciphering the Term “Heavy Duty”

When searching for labels, the term “heavy duty” has its uses. However, some of those labels are only built to last a short amount of time or aren’t as sticky as they need to be. When a company claims their labels as being “heavy duty,” it may apply to that subset of labels – but that doesn’t mean it will apply to your application. If you find you’re frequently replacing your labels despite the fact it’s advertised as “heavy duty,” there’s a good chance they aren’t right for your application.

Understanding the Four Parts of a Label

When it comes to finding or constructing a label that will suit your application, there are four essential components to consider:


There are many types of adhesives. Some are slightly tacky for clean removal, others are considered “permanent” depending on the application, and dozens of others fall between these two extremes.


The actual label material also plays a role in how well it holds up in certain environments. A label made from thin paper, for example, will deteriorate when exposed to rain while a label made from vinyl, polyester or similar materials will stand up to those conditions.


Inks used in off-the-shelf printers are often inexpensive and not as heavy duty as they should be. Many won’t resist UV rays, solvents, oil, abrasion, or even water. Instead, consider inks for commercial and industrial use.


Finally, lamination is one of the most important factors when purchasing a truly heavy duty label. It shields both the material and ink from the elements and harmful chemicals. Laminates made with a high performance material such as heavy polyester will hold up in about any environment.

The durability of heavy duty labels is in the ink and lamination. If not constructed of high-grade inks and lamination, the label may not be heavy duty enough. When searching for a label that best suits your unique application, remember that each of these four label components can be modified to produce the right product for your needs.

Rather than buying average blank or pre-printed labels, it’s essential to turn to experts who understand your specific requirements for your unique application – that’s where William Frick and Company excels. No matter your application, we can work with you to find or construct the perfect solution by ensuring all four components of your label are correctly combined to provide lasting durability and superb adhesion to surfaces.