High-Quality Inventory Labels  and More

Is your business searching for a means to mark essential assets? No matter what the reason may be, our high-quality asset tags are certain to provide the necessary identification and marking. William Frick & Company develops a vast assortment of inventory labels and similar products to ensure that every item and surface at your facility or place of work is clearly identifiable.

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Custom Nameplates

We understand that each business and organization has its own unique needs and specifications, which is why our inventory labels have a wide range of personalization options. The custom nameplates at William Frick & Company have various color, shape, size, and material choices available that allow businesses to have their distinct logo and information clearly displayed. Additionally, there are many attachment method options for our custom asset labels, including adhesive, screws, bolts, or other choices depending on your circumstances.

Lock-Out Tags

For everyone's safety, it's crucial that business owners properly inform their employees and workers which devices should and shouldn't be turned on. Our lock-out tags visibly display whatever pertinent information you need to ensure safety at your facility. Additionally, these tags can have the text and serial numbers printed on both sides for increased visibility. The clear, self-laminating flaps can withstand harsh environmental and chemical conditions.

Extremely Heavy-Duty Labels

If you're looking for inventory labels that can endure tough and intense conditions, then William Frick & Company has you covered. Our extremely heavy-duty labels are durable enough to resist tearing and peeling while still communicating vital information. These water and UV-resistant labels are usable in a diverse array of settings. For example, our high-temperature labels can survive even in temperatures as high as 302 degrees Fahrenheit — perfect for industrial environments where exposure to blistering conditions is common.

Cryogenic Labels

We have high-temperature labels that can survive more than just extremely hot conditions but cold ones as well. Our cryogenic labels will remain stable and secure for liquid nitrogen flash freeze applications and similarly frigid temperatures. Furthermore, their flexibility makes them easy to apply to vials and test tubes for easy identification.

Super Adhesive Labels

Some surfaces are tougher to apply asset labels to than others. If you ever have difficulty affixing labels to an item that needs to be marked, then William Frick & Company has a solution. Our super adhesive labels utilize permanent acrylic Low Surface Energy (LSE) adhesive bonds to firmly attach themselves to even the toughest surfaces.

Call Us Today for Our High-Quality Inventory Labels

The next time your business requires high-quality asset tags for your operations, we'll be there to supply you with the products you need. William Frick & Company is dedicated to providing professionally-made labels so vital information can be clearly communicated for years to come.

Additionally, we manufacture a variety of other products, including:

For more information on our inventory labels and to start developing your custom design, contact William Frick & Company today.

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