Cable Line Markers for Utility and Telecom

If your business is in need of professionally-made and reliable cable line markers, you've come to the right place. William Frick & Company has been producing high-quality marker products for many years and has helped improve safety in countless industries. Here's an overview of our catalog of line-marking products.

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Buried Cable Markers

Does your business need underground fiber optic cable tags that can endure cold and moist environments? Then William Frick & Company has you covered. Our high-quality buried cable markers are made to last while providing you with an easy way to quickly identify cables in an instant. In addition, we also produce burial tape that will withstand underground conditions for many years while marking buried telephone lines and other important cables.

Above-Ground Markers

Of course, not all fiber optic cable tags are buried underground — they can also be above ground too. In such circumstances, our cable line markers will still have the products to satisfy your needs. We provide a variety of above-ground markers to ensure that important lines, cables, and other items can be easily spotted and avoided. Additionally, our markers take many different forms, so you can find the perfect one to suit your unique needs. From curb markers to cable clipper markers, all of your cables can be clearly marked for identification.

Utility Pole Tags, Wraps, and Other Markers

It's essential for electricians to quickly identify which utility pole they need to repair or maintain. When they have utility pole tags, spotting them becomes easier. Made with aluminum to withstand outdoor environments, you can trust that these markers will last for a long time. Further, their clearly visible numbers and letters make utility pole identification faster than ever. We offer various other cable line markers for utility poles. For example, when a repair team starts working on the pole, our reusable utility pole wraps can help improve safety in the vicinity. Also, our company manufactures high-quality, durable barcoded transformer labels too.

Grounding Flags

William Frick & Company also produces a variety of utility marking flags. These brightly-colored flags will help when marking areas during landscaping, construction, and a host of other purposes. All of our grounding flags are easy to install, resistant to tearing, and always ensure that the area is well-marked. And, just like many of our other products, you can custom print your logo, contact information, and more on our utility marking flags.

For Cable Line Markers and More, Call Us Today

Whether you need curb markers or barcoded transformer labels, William Frick & Company has the marking products you need for safety and convenience. In addition, we manufacture a wide range of other high-quality products, including decorative logos, signs, and much more. Whatever the case may be, you can always trust that our products will surpass your expectations and serve you for years to come.

To learn more about our various cable line markers, contact William Frick & Company today for further information and to place an order.

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