High-Quality Security Labels for Your Business

Are you looking for high-quality security labels to protect the products and inventory of your organization or business? Then you've come to the right place. William Frick & Company produces a vast assortment of security film, labels, and seals to create an extra level of protection for your goods and wares. When one of our reliable security labels has been applied to your packaging, maintaining evidence of any tampering or theft becomes much easier.

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Tamper-Evident Tape and Labels

When applying tamper-evident film to packaging or a product, it's expected that it won't just provide security but remain undamaged. At William Frick & Company, you can trust that all of our tamper-evident tape was designed to be durable. The tamper-evident film we produce is made with a polyester material that allows it to endure harsh environments while bonding well to a wide range of surfaces.

Various Destructible Labels

We understand how integral reliable security labels are to protecting your products from theft and unauthorized activity. To that end, our company manufactures numerous kinds of destructible labels to ensure warranty verification and equipment tracking. For example, our laminated security labels are resilient to water while still being easily broken during removal attempts. Alternatively, our laser-etched destructible security seals are incredibly durable and can resist harsh chemicals, high temperatures, and other extreme conditions.

Custom Security Stickers

All businesses and organizations have unique needs they must satisfy — which is why we offer customization options for our product security stickers so that they can fulfill those needs. You'll be able to choose different text, colors, sizes, and more when designing your custom security stickers. When tampered with, the sticker's color will disappear, and a secret message indicating intrusion will be revealed. In addition, our custom product security stickers don't leave behind any residue when removed.

Tamper-Proof Holographic Labels

If you're searching for the most ultra-sensitive tamper-evident labels available, then our holographic seals will more than meet your expectations. Created with 26 unique security features, our tamper-proof holographic labels are ideal for ensuring the authenticity of your products — and can have custom colors and images as well. Furthermore, our holographic labels were made to be aggressively adhesive, meaning that you'll be able to apply them to a range of surfaces.

Reach Out Today for Our Security Labels

The next time your business or organization needs reliable ultra-sensitive tamper-evident labels to safeguard products against theft, we will be happy to assist you. William Frick & Company has produced security seals and other products for many years and knows how integral they are to your continued success — which is why we're dedicated to ensuring they are of the highest quality.

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Do you have any questions about our many tamper-proof products? Call William Frick & Company today for more information regarding our security labels and to place your order.

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