Ultra Sensitive Tamper Evident Labels

  • Optical film breaks upon tampering, revealing hidden message
  • No void pattern or adhesive residue left behind
  • Aggressive adhesive adheres to a variety of surfaces
  • Custom text, sizes, colors, and messages available

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Security Labels

Our Hidden Message Ultra Sensitive Tamper Evident Labels are made with a patented optical film. The labels react to pressure during attempted removal, so the hidden message is revealed upon attempted removal. The hidden message remains permanently on the tamper seal, so the labels are ideal for use as an authenticator or tamper indicator. The security seal does not require layer separation in order to activate and never leaves a residue on the target surface.

The labels are available in a variety of metallic colors and custom messages, serial numbers and barcodes.


Additional information

Model Number

WF-AC-TAMPER Ultra-Sensitive Tamper Evident Labels


Tamper Evident Seals, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Safety & Compliance


Tamper Evident Film


Gold, Magenta, Blue, Green

Minimum Application Temperature

50° F

Water Resistance


Solvents Resistance


Abrasion Resistance


UV Resistance



Permanent Acrylic


Adhesion to HSE Plastics: Very Good, Adhesion to LSE Plastics: Fair, Adhesion to Glass at 24 hr. dwell: Excellent, Adhesion to Steel at 24 hr. dwell: Excellent

Shelf Life

Stored below 80º F/ 60% Relative Humidity, 2 Years