OSHA Safety Labels and More

At William Frick & Company, we're dedicated to helping companies maintain safety at their facilities, construction sites, and other locations they conduct business. To that end, we manufacture a wide range of OSHA safety labels to ensure that all hazardous objects and harmful surfaces are well-marked and identifiable.

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OSHA Safety Labels and Signs

Ensuring that employees and customers alike are warned of hazardous substances, and dangerous environments is important for conforming to OSHA and other safety guidelines. For that reason, having clearly legible OSHA safety labels and signs is essential for warning others of potential dangers. With William Frick & Company, you can customize the messages and symbols of our signs and labels to fulfill any safety needs you may have at your facility or workplace.

Antimicrobial Film

High-contact areas — such as doorknobs and shopping carts — are frequently touched and pick up an assortment of bacteria and other harmful substances. While OSHA safety labels can't warn others about everyday microbes, our antimicrobial film can help protect such high-contact surfaces. This film shields surfaces from bacteria, mold, fungi, and other potentially harmful microbes. They're also highly resilient and can endure water, common chemicals like bleach, and a multitude of other substances that would otherwise damage them.

Cone Sleeves

Letting others know that your crew is performing maintenance is vital for everyone's safety — and our cone sleeves and similar products will help provide a necessary warning. For instance, our cone sleeves are highly visible thanks to their bright colors and reflective nature. Furthermore, they're also reusable and can be applied elsewhere during your crew's next job.

Flagging Markers

One of the easiest ways to communicate hazards and safety concerns to employees and civilians is with colorful flagging markers. Our marking flags and flagging tape products come in a variety of colors that are easily seen from a distance. These markers are usable in a wide range of applications, including construction, landscaping, mining, and many more settings. No matter how you intend to use them, you can trust that our various caution marker flags can withstand harsh outdoor environments.

Barricade Tape and More

If you need to quickly close off an area and raise safety awareness on the site, then our barricade tape is perfect for the job. Your business or organization can choose from several different tape options, including day/night, biodegradable, repulpable, and more, that will satisfy your needs. In addition, our custom caution tape is as easy to set up as it is to dispose of.

On top of our custom caution tape for barricading areas, we offer other useful varieties of tape. For example, our long-lasting burial tape is ideal for marking underground utility lines.

Contact Us Today For High-Quality OSHA Safety Labels

Whether you need custom markers or high-quality burial tape, you can find the safety and caution materials you need at William Frick & Company. Additionally, we produce a host of other professional products, including:

To learn more about our OSHA safety labels, reach out today.

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