Durable Outdoor Signs

  • Custom design, colors, and sizes available
  • Use industry-standard symbols or custom messaging
  • Outdoor-durable up to 30 years

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Durable Outdoor Signs communicate your important information, identify potential hazards, and help prevent accidents season after season. Use industry standard symbols and headers, or submit your own symbols and messages for a custom solution. At your request, we will use pre-approved layouts, headers and graphics to conform with current ANSI/NEMA guidelines.

Whatever your durable outdoor sign needs, William Frick & Company can help you configure the best solution with the right message, graphics and materials. We’ve even got multipurpose brackets and steel posts. Find the right material below.


Co–Extruded Poly
Outdoor Life 5–10+ years 10+ years 15–20 years 20+ years 25–30+ years 30+ years
Vandal Resistance No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Features Excellent for indoor applications Reflective or non–reflective finishes Embedded graphics/graffiti resistant Embedded graphics–low maintenance Excellent outdoor durability Permanently engraved text
Thickness 0.035”–0.125” 0.025”–0.080” 0.090” 0.90”–0.125” 0.044”–0.070” 0.080”
Lead Time 3–4 weeks 3–4 weeks 3–4 weeks 2–3 weeks 6–8 weeks 3–4 weeks
Service Temp 200°F 250°F 200°F 250°F 250°F 200°F

*Temporary signs of disposable plastic or card stock with magnetic backings are also available in any thickness

Additional information

Model Number

WFS-OS-SIGNS Durable Outdoor Signs


Informational Placards, Asset Marking, Asset Tracking, Construction, Harsh Environments, Outdoor Use, Property Management, Safety & Compliance, Utility Labeling

Water Resistance


UV Resistance


Shelf Life

Completely Stable, Stored at 70F and 50% Relative Humidity