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WeatherTUFF weatherproof labels are UV resistant and offer superior print quality—great long-term readability of text and graphics. Each label construction has been tested under real-time climate and laboratory conditions. Each outdoor label can be enhanced with fixed or variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, serialization and RFID.

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Additionally, WeatherTUFF weatherproof labels are extensively tested for abrasion resistance, and harsh chemical exposures. This makes WeatherTUFF labels ideal for a variety of outdoor applications including product identification, warning and instruction labeling, inventory control and asset management.

William Frick & Company is a customer driven ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of specialty identification products such as labels, signs, utility markers and RFID tags. Specializing in durable products that are made to last outdoors and in harsh environments. Since 1975, Frick has been a trusted supplier to OEMs, logistics and telecommunications industries, oil and gas companies, electric utilities and governments.