Warehouse Inventory Labels

  • Customize colors, images, text, barcodes, or QR codes
  • Durable construction available in rolls, sheets, or tabs
  • Abrasion, UV, solvent, oil, and water resistant

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Manage inventory flow or track aisles and products with our Warehouse Inventory Labels. Customize these labels with product descriptions, artwork, logos, barcodes, serial numbers or QR codes and attach them with magnets, adhesives, or clear plastic label holders.

Additional information

Model Number

WFS-BC-INVENTORY Warehouse Inventory Labels


Asset Marking, Barcode Labeling, Pedigree Tracking, Serial labels, Warehouse


Laminated or Non-Laminated Polyester, Vinyl

Expected Outdoor Life

2 – 5 Years

Temperature Service Range

-40º F to 302º F

Minimum Application Temperature

50° F

Water Resistance


Oil Resistance

Very Good

Solvents Resistance

Very Good

UV Resistance


Abrasion Resistance



Permanent Acrylic


Adhesion to HSE Plastics: Very Good, Adhesion to LSE Plastics: Fair, Adhesion to Glass at 72 hr. dwell: Very Good, Adhesion to Steel at 72 hr. dwell: Excellent

Shelf Life

2 Years, Stored at 70F and 50% Relative Humidity