RFID Security Seal Tags

  • 10 Newton (2.25 lbs. per sq. in.) pull force
  • Up to 8 ft. read range
  • Tamper evident security

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Unlike tamper evident labels that need to be visually inspected in order to check the tamper status, the RFID Aircraft Security Seal Tag allows tamper detection via RFID. The digital tamper detection allows for an entire aircraft to be scanned and verified in minutes, resulting in a huge time savings over manual inspections.

The chip indicates a secured status when the tamper loop is closed and a tampered state when the loop is opened/broken. The 10 Newton pull strength prevents the loop from opening during normal use but allows it to be broken by hand when needed. If the wire is open/broken, the chip’s status will change, indicating tamper evidence.

The RFID Security Seal Tag makes use of a technology that changes a bit when the seal is broken. Bit 512 of the EPC block is set to 1 when the seal is intact, but once it breaks the bit changes to a zero. This corresponds to word 32 of the EPC changing from 8040 to 0040. UHF readers may then use software to identify the EPCs of broken seals out of a large group with a simple wave, saving time and effort.

Additional information

Model Number

WF-SM-STV RFID Security Seal Tag


Identification Labeling, Tamper Evident Seals, Asset Marking, Asset Tracking


1.53" x 0.55" (3.07" cable)

Overall Thickness


Temperature Service Range

-40º F to 180º F

Water Resistance


Solvents Resistance


RFID Performance

RFID Protocol EPC Class 1 Gen 2; ISO 18000-6C
Tag Type Passive Read/Write
Frequency Range 860 – 960 MHz (Global)
User Memory 112 bits
EPC Memory 256 bits

*Other single record and dual record chips available.

Tested Polarization:

Tag performance was experimentally measured in an anechoic chamber with a known set of experimental variables. The antenna used for measurements was linearly polarized and of monostatic configuration. The direction of tested polarization is as follows.

RFID Aircraft Security Seal Tag Polarization Image

Optimal Read Range* on Different Material Surfaces:

RFID Aircraft Security Seal Tag Read Range Graph

*Tag performance was measured free of material influence. Actual read ranges may differ depending on conditions such as environment, tag placements, hardware, etc.