High Temperature Polyimide Labels

  • Abrasion and temperature resistant up to 572°F
  • Maintains readability in harsh environments
  • Barcoding and serialization available
  • Thermally stable at both high and low temperatures

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Our High Temperature Labels are used for identification of high-heat items like circuit boards and related electronic components, where a soldering flux or wave soldering process is used or if the product will be exposed to a chemical cleaning cycle. Backed with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, these labels have excellent barcode readability after chemical and high-temp exposure.


UL 969 approved

Test Method* Test Environment PCS1 Read Rate2
Heat/Chemical Resistance Test–80386 Control 99% 100%
Kyzen Corp. Aquanox SSA 30% aquesous, 40-45ºC, 5 min. 100% 99%
Re-entry KNI 2000 Terpene 40-45ºC, 5 min. 98% 100%
Alpha Metals 2110 Saponifier 10% aqueous, 65-70ºC, 5 min. 97% 100%
Isopropanol 99%, 65-70ºC, 5 min. 99% 100%
Kyzen XJN+, 30% 5 min. 99% 100%


1PCS – Print Contrast Signal. PCS determined with Quick Check 650, 0.005” aperture,660 nm wavelength. Quick Check 650 manufactured by: Photographic Sciences Corp.


2Read rate determined using PSC 850 laser scanner.


Test Method*

MIL-STD-202G, Notice 12, Method 215K MIL-STD-883E, Notice 4, Method 2015.13


Properties Test Fluid Results
Chemical Resistance Solvent A-1 part IPA, 3 parts mineral spirits No visible effect
Solvent B-1,1,1 Trichloroethane Solvent deleted per notice 12
Solvent C-Terpene Defluxer No visible effect
Solvent D- Saponifier No visible effect


*Please Note:Test results may differ depending on conditions during actual use

Additional information

Model Number

WFC-BC-POLYIMIDE Polyimide High Temperature Labels


Medical Equipment, Power Equipment Labeling, Asset Marking, Asset Tracking, Barcode Labeling, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Harsh Environments, High Temperature, Manufacturing, Product Marking


Polyimide Facestock with Acrylic Adhesive

Overall Thickness

4.4 mil ± 10%

Expected Outdoor Life

7 – 10 Years

Temperature Service Range

-40°F to 437°F

Minimum Application Temperature

50° F


Permanent Acrylic


Adhesion to Acrylic at 72 hr. dwell: Very Good, Adhesion to LSE Plastics: Fair, Adhesion to HSE Plastics: Good, Adhesion to Glass at 72 hr. dwell: Good, Adhesion to Steel at 72 hr. dwell: Very Good

Shelf Life

1 Year, Stored @ 80° F / 60% Relative Humidity