Laser Etched Destructible Labels

  • Meets Department of Defense IUID label requirements
  • Alphanumeric serialization with or without barcodes
  • Extremely durable
  • Super sharp barcodes, characters, lines
  • Meets EPA/California small engine, and AIAG automotive industry, labeling requirements
  • MIL STD-130 Compliant

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Security Labels

Laser Etched Destructible Labels are the most permanent and durable asset labels Frick offers. With amazing resistance to almost every environment including to abrasion, solvents, UV and water, these labels offer highly precise printing on a super tough acrylic material. When your label’s text, barcode, logo and symbols need to be especially sharp even a decade from now, this is the label to use.

With laser etched, there are no inks to fade, nothing to run or blur. When coated with an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, the label offers excellent destructibility so it can’t be removed from one asset and attached to another. It resists the effects of chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures.


Robust Like a Metal Plate

This acrylic film is so tough, it is not recommended for use with conventional printing methods. We have to use a 10 kw laser to etch information onto it. Once etched, however, the information cannot be removed short of destroying the label.


Meets UID Requirements (MIL STD-130)

IUID is a system for distinguishing one object from another, thereby enabling the Department of Defense (DoD) to track even identical objects separately. IUID requires that qualifying items have a data matrix inscribed either on the item or on a permanent machine-readable label affixed to the item. DoD procurement regulations require any unit over $ 5,000 to have an UII (unique item identification). Items less than $ 5,000 require an UII if serially managed, mission critical, or controlled inventory.


This label is constructed of UL recognized materials.

This label (OS-0014) is approved by the DoD for use as a permanent machine-readable label.

Additional information

Model Number

WFS-OS-0014 Laser Etched Destructible Labels


Metal Mount, Power Equipment Labeling, Small Engine Labeling, Tamper Evident Seals, Harsh Environments, Manufacturing, Outdoor Use, Product Marking, Safety & Compliance, Serial labels, Utility Labeling


Destructible Acrylic Film

Overall Thickness

6 mil ± 10%

Temperature Service Range

-58º F to 392º F

Minimum Application Temperature

50° F

Expected Outdoor Life

8 – 10 years


Black on Silver, Black on White, White on Black

Water Resistance


UV Resistance


Abrasion Resistance


Solvents Resistance


Flammability Resistance

Self-extinguishing in glued condition


High Tack Permanent Acrylic


Adhesion to Glass at 24 hr. dwell: Excellent, Adhesion to Steel at 24 hr. dwell: Excellent, Adhesion to HSE Plastics: Excellent, Adhesion to LSE Plastics: Excellent

Shelf Life

1 Year, Stored at 70F and 50% Relative Humidity