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custom labels

Custom Labels

Custom printed labels using a variety of substrates, inks, and printing processes. William Frick is a superior commercial label printer using the more technically advanced label printing technologies.

security labels

Security Labels

Security labels incorporate features such holograms, VOID printing, and other tamper-evident technologies to protect your brand, your inventory, and your business. Adding security to your products has never been easier with our wide selection of security labels.

Product Labels

Product Labels

Beautiful and informative product labels can differentiate your business from the competition. Using the latest in label printing technology, we can custom create new product label designs that is compliant with safety regulations and yet customers will flock to. Showcase your products with Frick product labels.

Industrial Labels

Industrial Labels

Industrial label printing is all about service, and our knowledgeable sales staff is the best.  We have been a commercial label printer for over 30 years, and we pride ourselves on being the best labels printing company.

Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

Variable data and barcodes can assist your company track inventory. William Frick can print a variety of 1D and 2D barcodes from your database on any substrate. We can even keep track of barcodes so you do not get repeats. We have experience in coding UPC, Code 128, 39, 93, datamatrix, QR code, and more. We have barcode labels in every color and read range.

Warehouse rack labels

Warehouse Rack Labels

Rack labels can help you manage your warehouse. Our complete warehouse system includes warehouse rack labels, hanging signs, aisle markers, and floor location labels. We can make these signs and labels out of aluminum, durable polyester and more. You can include long range readable barcode information or RFID information.

Asset Labels

Asset Labels

Our asset labels can be printed on economical polyester, aluminum, and durable plastic. Numbering formats include: serial numbers, barcodes, and RFID for maximum security. You can upload your database to us directly and get your asset labels within 72 hours.

control panel overlays

Control Panel and Graphic Overlays

Graphic overlays and faceplates made from Lexan polycarbonate are attractive and durable frontpanel labels. Graphics are second surface printed (printed underneath the Lexan) for protection of the graphic from abrasion and wear. Available in fine matte or clear gloss finish, both provides tactile interest without diminishing the crisp precision of the graphics. Complex shapes and designs can be adopted for your unique product. Additional features such as clear or tinted LED windows, patterned adhesive backing, and more can be custom designed.

outdoor labels

Outdoor Labels

Outdoor labels feature ultraviolet (UV) protection and abrasion resistance to insure durability in rain, snow, sleet, or any other harsh conditions. Our outdoor labels can be constructed from polyester or vinyl with a variety of laminates (such as 5 mil super heavy duty laminate). Our labels typically will last at least 20+ years outside under all conditions.

warning labels

Warning Labels

Warning label warns the user about risks associated with the use of the item as intended by the manufacturer. Limit civil liability in lawsuits by carefully placing warning labels on products. Warning labels can also be used on jobsites and factories.



Custom durable outdoor signs

Durable Outdoor Signs

Durable outdoor signs communicate your important information, identify potential hazards, and help prevent accidents. Customize with your own symbols or message or create signs that conform to ANSI/NEMA standards. Choose from a variety of materials including aluminum, polyethylene, steel, and more. Multipurpose brackets and steel posts are also available.
Safety Posters

Safety Posters

Display important information indoors and out with full color, highly visible safety posters. Add your own images and photos or let our expert design team create them for you.

ID Tags

metal nameplates

Metal Nameplates

Metal nameplates are strong, durable badges that can be attached to machines and tools. They are typically made from metals like aluminum or stainless steel or brass. They can be precision cut to nearly any shape and engraved (etched) with asset tracking information. We finish our nameplates with serial numbers, bar codes, unusual perimeter shapes, and internal cutouts, embossed features, adhesive and mounting holes.

asset tags

Asset Tags

Ideal for marking tools, machinery, laptops, servers, PC's and more, these asset tags can be made from aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. Our specialty is crafting durable asset tags with database information such as barcodes, 2D barcodes, and serial numbering. We also carry polyester asset labels with pre-printed serial numbers and barcodes. Purchase asset tags with custom adhesive to match your exact application such as LSE plastics, metallic surfaces, and more.


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