Adaptive RFID Technology

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    Capture. Analyze. Transform.

    Products & Software

    RFID Labels & Tags
    RFID Long & Short Range Readers
    SmartCAT Capture (Android & iOS)
    SmartCAT Forms (Android & iOS)
    Unlimited Cloud Storage

    Services & Expertise

    Form Building
    Project Management
    Assisted Implementation
    Product Development
    Environmental & Condition Testing

    RFID management systems are massive, complex, standardized, and costly. The issue with these systems are that companies using them need to shape their processes and workflows around the software, if they want to get any beneficial use out of them.

    That is why we are rebelling against these standards and adapting to your processes and workflows, while making sure we put money into your wallet. We accomplish this by providing our products, software, service, and expertise interchangeably to meet the needs of your business. Regardless of industry and use, SmartCAT works for you.

    What Can SmartCAT Do For You?



    Per year/Per license
    • Create Custom Forms & Tailor Data Fields to Your Specific Needs
    • Collect Accurate Data with Long- and Short-Range RFID, Barcodes & GPS
    • Create A Portable Work Environment While Working Online or Offline
    • Work in Real-time by Uploading, Tracking, and Accessing your Data on Demand
    • Eliminate Data Errors with Time Stamps, Dynamic Dropdowns, E-signatures, and more

    Common Applications

    Asset Management
    Tool Tracking
    Asset Maintenance & Repair
    Material Inventory Control
    Field Inspection Data Collection

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