Cryogenic Labels

  • Safe for cryogenic processes and liquid nitrogen flash freeze applications
  • Easy to wrap around small curved surfaces
  • Write-on surface or thermal transfer print

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Frick’s Cryogenic Labels are great for barcode and alphanumeric identification of assets or samples that go through liquid nitrogen flash freeze and/or cryogenic storage.

The label’s flexible material allows you to comfortably wrap the label around small curved surfaces like test tubes, vials and wires. It can also be used as a wrap around label or flag tag.

The Cryogenic Label’s matte white print surface can be thermal transfer printed or write-on the label with a pen, pencil or Sharpie.

These labels are dimensionally stable at high and low temperatures.

Additional information

Model Number

WF-OS-44 Cryogenic Labels


Identification Labeling, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Pedigree Tracking, Serial labels