All About Domed Labels

Domed labels are thicker than standard labels because they feature a robust barrier against various elements while enhancing the visual appearance of your graphic. To help determine whether domed labels are the right choice for your business, request a free sample today.

Durable Construction

Polyurethane, which is a resin used to create the dome on top of the label, is one of the most inert types of plastics available and intended for years of use indoors or out. This resin provides scratch-resistance and is self-healing which shields your graphics from abrasive encounters. Domed labels are also resilient against harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and retain their clarity even when exposed to continuous UV rays. These features make domed labels ideal for your industrial or commercial applications.

Draws Attention

Domed labels, 3D appearance, attract more attention compared to flat labels. The transparent resin provides added visibility not just to display, but to emphasize important identifiers, instructions or emergency information. Moreover, because domed labels enhance the visuals of your graphics, they are the perfect finishing touch to branded products. Other common uses include product marking, promotional branding, decoration and more.

Versatile Customization

Like all William Frick & Company labels, domed labels are fully customizable. Choose to add text, and a logo or graphic, coupled with many base materials and printing options. Embossing and chrome or carbon fiber film can create a truly unique. In addition to these elements, the dome itself can be customized to meet the specific demands of your utilization. Lastly, domed labels are available with a pre-defined radius for attachment to curved surfaces.

Professional Appearance

Thanks to the glossy, glass-like appearance, domed labels invite individuals to look – and touch. Instead of merely adhering to a product, domed labels look as if they are part of the product. Their shiny, thick polyurethane dome catches the eye and delivers a high-quality appeal that flat alternatives may not be able to achieve.

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