Extreme Manufacturing Meets Extreme RFID Tracking: Discover the High Temperature Armored 300C RFID Tag

RFID not only helps make workflows more efficient by saving time and minimizing error, but it also gives you more flexibility by reading multiple tags at once and the ability to reuse tags. However, you might think that because your manufacturing facility has extreme conditions, RFID technology is limiting since many options will not survive your environment. Thanks to technologies like the SmartMark High Temperature Armored 300C RFID tag, available from William Frick and Company, this is no longer the case.

What Is the SmartMark High Temperature Armored 300C RFID Tag?

Typical RFID tags will not survive industrial and commercial processes, like powder coating, where parts are exposed routinely to extreme temperatures and chemicals. Tags like the high temperature Armored 300C RFID tag, provide you the benefits of RFID technology no matter how intense your facility environment is. This unique tag withstands extreme temperatures and many passes through chemical processes while still maintaining its readability and function. It also resists motor oil, most solvents, and the majority of acids and bases without affecting the operation or readability of the tag. Most RFID tags cannot survive exposure to both high temperatures and extreme chemicals.

The high temperature Armored 300C RFID tag welds or bolts to metal surfaces, including claws and racks used that move parts around assembly lines. It offers incredible survivability even when it comes to numerous layers of chemicals and exposure to temperatures up to 300 or 400 degrees Celsius (572-752 degrees Fahrenheit) for brief periods of time.

Thanks to its housing, the high temperature Armored 300C RFID tag reads best on metal surfaces due to the metal amplifying its signal. Its read range has been tested to read up to 6.5 feet. You can attach the tags to virtually any ferrous or non-ferrous metal surfaces. RFID Tag & System Solution.

The high temperature Armored 300C RFID tag solution is excellent for industries that could benefit from RFID technology but have previously been unable to use it due to challenges extreme environments create. These industries include everything from automotive manufacturing to oil, gas and water, healthcare, and construction.

With manufacturing facilities now having the ability to track their extreme processes with the high temperature Armored 300C RFID tag, implementation of an RFID system may be another constraint to using RFID. Many enterprise RFID systems are known to be expensive and require large infrastructures. However, there is an affordable option available for manufacturing.

Affordable RFID Capture System

Our system is a flexible and scalable data collection platform that allows you to collect clean and verifiable data using custom digital forms and RFID. The mobile and cloud based deployment eliminates an extensive and costly infrastructure. Increase visibility into your business by creating relevant dashboards to review your collected data and make data-driven decisions.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ways our technology can benefit your company, contact the friendly experts at William Frick and Company today. With this unique tag’s incredibly rugged build and durability in various extreme environments, it could be the perfect solution for your tracking, identification, or quality control needs, no matter what kind of situation you expose it too.