April is National 811 Month while August, 11th is National 811 Day. Help spread awareness by always marking your utilities to help save money on repairs and prevent disrupted utility services and/or serious injury or death to anyone who may accidentally dig into your utility line.

Mark underground utilities with APWA color coded markers printed with the 811 Call Before You Dig logo and your company contact information. This informs anyone digging in the area that your utility line is located below and they should call 811 one call before working on the project.

The following products are great for marking your utilities. Each marker has multiple unique benefits and use cases. All markers are APWA color coded (see chart below) and customizable with your name, logo, contact information and 811 logo.

It’s important to continually promote 811 one call all year long help to save money from unplanned repairs and prevent disrupted utility services. Get your free hard hat label to promote 811 every day, and remember, always call 811 one call a few days before you dig.

APWA Uniform Color Codes:

ColorUnderground Utility Mains
OrangeTelecommunications Utility: alarm or signal lines, fiber optic cables, or conduit
RedElectric Utility: electrical power lines, cables or conduit, and lighting cables
YellowOil & Natural Gas Utilities: oil, steam, petroleum, or other gaseous or flammable material
BlueWater Utility: potable water
GreenWastewater Utility: sewage and drain lines
PinkTemporary Surveys
WhiteProposed excavation limits or route

The 811 Logo is a registered trademark of the Common Ground Alliance.