William Frick & Company is one of the Nation’s most trusted suppliers for customized safety signs and labels within the utility and telecom, healthcare, OEM, and warehouse industries. By adequately labeling potential hazards in and around the workplace, you are not only saving lives, but you are significantly reducing the number of lawsuits, workman’s compensation claims, and ultimately the impact on your bottom line. Of course, as the adage goes, “not all products are created equal,” so let’s take a peek at what sets William Frick’s Weathertuff ™ weatherproof labels apart from the competition.

What are Weathertuff ™ Weatherproof labels?

Have you ever been taking a casual stroll through your neighborhood and noticed that the transformer box at the end of the road had been outfitted with a large label indicating the potential safety hazards associated with tampering with that big green box? This is just one way that Weathertuff ™ labels can be used to eliminate potential mishandling in everyday life. Like this particular instance, labels like these are used to outline hazards associated with heavy machinery, nuclear power facilities, chemical processing plants, and manufacturing industries.

Why should I choose Weathertuff ™ weatherproof labels for my business needs?

William Frick’s weatherproof labels stand out in all areas of quality, performance, and endurance. These labels go through extensive real-time climate and laboratory evaluations to test for abrasion resistance, UV exposure, waterproofing, hazardous climate shifts, and chemical resilience. As a result, waterproof labels are great for products and projects that require durability and moisture protection. Equipped with high-performance, permanent adhesive backing, these labels can hold up to a wide range of outdoor climates and weather conditions.

OSHA has updated the requirements for labeling hazardous chemicals under its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). All labels are required to have pictograms, a signal word, hazard and precautionary statements, the product identifier, and supplier identification. (source: www.osha.gov)

Can I customize my Weathertuff ™ weatherproof labels?

Absolutely! Our water-resistant labels are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Additionally, each outdoor label can be enhanced with fixed or variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, serialization, and RFID. Want to put your company’s logo and phone number on your weatherproof label? Not a problem, reach out to customers by utilizing William Frick’s customization options.

Outdoor Labels and signage are some of the simplest solutions to many potential safety pitfalls in industrial applications. However, don’t place your bets on a label that hasn’t been tested to withstand the elements. As a trusted supplier to OEM’s, logistics, and telecommunications industries, William Frick knows that proper safety identification saves lives and promotes a safety-oriented mindset among your employees. Visit us online to request a free sample booklet, or to try out our Weathertuff ™ Selection tool, to find out what type of weatherproof label would best suit your next project.