Accurately identifying telephone or cable lines at the pole or from the ground can play an important role in many tasks, and that is precisely why so many telecom companies rely on cable markers that make line ownership very clear. SnapAround Cable Markers from William Frick & Company are excellent in quality, long lasting, and highly customizable, making them the perfect solution for accurate cable identification.

Outstanding Quality Cable Markers at a Great Value

SnapAround Cable Markers from William Frick & Company are made of high-quality materials that can last outdoors year after year. The markers come in a wide range of colors for simple identification. These include orange, red, yellow, black, green, blue, and white along with black or white UV-stabilized ink. SnapAround Cable Markers are easy to install and do not need any surface preparation.

These cable markers are available with standard messages, which include the type of cable and fields for labeling, but they can also be printed with any telecom company’s logo or message of choice. The PVC plastic simply “snaps” into place around cables to identify them, making them incredibly easy to install at multiple poles, and thanks to their rugged construction, they will last for seven to 10 years or more without replacement.

Cable Clipper® Markers as an Alternative

SnapAround Cable Markers are excellent products for line identification, but when additional visibility is essential, Cable Clippers are a great alternative. They are made from sturdy, rugged PVC and can be used to clip over the cable and hang down much like a flag. An adhesive strip creates a bond in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which firmly secures the marker to the cable and holds it in place for seven to 10 years or more. These cable markers are incredibly easy to install; just remove the adhesive backing and clip them over the cable.

Cable Clipper Cable Markers have vinyl or reflective graphics that are available in standard orange, red, and yellow, but they also come in custom colors to suit any company’s needs. Reflective graphics make the products even more visible from the ground, which is essential for quick identification. Like SnapAround Cable Markers, telecom companies can choose standard messaging or custom graphics, including a logo. Standard and custom diameters are available to fit all cable sizes, too.

SnapAround and Cable Clipper Cable Markers are important tools for identifying fiber optic cable, telephone, and other communication cables. By accurately identifying individual cables at the pole, everyone’s job is clearer and simpler. When these high-quality products are combined with quick turnaround times and friendly, knowledgeable William Frick & Company staff, it becomes clear that these simple, yet effective cable markers are an excellent value for telecom companies of any size.