Client: SpotHero      Location: Chicago, IL      Industry: Parking      Project: Custom Outdoor Signs

On-demand parking app, SpotHero‚ improves customer experience
with graphic signage from William Frick & Company

The Company

SpotHero is an on-demand parking app that helps drivers locate and reserve available parking online. SportHero rents parking spaces from garages, parking lots and private owners. Its services are offered in many cities including Chicago, New York and Boston.

“The signs ended up being less expensive and were delivered in a very
reasonable  amount of time”

–Chris Peterson – Account Executive at SpotHero


SpotHero needed a more clear and visible way to direct customers to their reserved parking spots. According to customer feedback, people had trouble determining which parking spot they reserved, especially in high-volume parking areas.

“We were working with another sign company and were frustrated with
how long the process was taking”

–Chris Peterson


Chris reached out to William Frick & Company (WFCO) for help. He worked with WFCo through each step. A WFCo representative visited Chris at his downtown Chicago office and spoke to associates throughout the company to better understand SpotHero’s needs.

After speaking to Chris and his associates, the WFCo team offered suggestions to create better signs:

  • Reflective Materials – make the signs reflective to help customers locate parking spots at night. They’re also great nonstop advertising.
  • Anti-graffiti laminate – withstands the paint solvents used to remove graffiti. Often companies replace vandalized signs. Using a special outdoor laminate reduces the need to purchase a replacement sign. The laminate also resists fading so colors stay brighter longer.
  • Curb Markers – are useful where there’s no place to hang a sign. These 5.5” x 2” domed labels are also ideal for marking specific parking spots.

Overall Chris and his team at SpotHero were very happy with the results. “ Customer service issues decreased at the locations where these signs have been installed.”


WFCo was “responsive, thought outside the box, were priced competitively, and provided the ideal
solution in a timely manner. I look forward to doing business with them in the future!”