Draw attention to your brand with our custom 3D Domed Labels. The glossy, thick polyurethane dome enhances your graphics with unmatched appeal.

    Make Your Logo Pop

    • Add a three-dimensional look to it
    • Made with glossy, thick polyurethane
    • Abrasion, water, chemical, UV, and solvent resistant
    • Choose to selective dome or dome your entire logo
    • High-strength adhesive
    • Fast prototypes available
    • Ask us about our specialty domes

    How Doming Works

    We start with liquid polyurethane resin. Hydome buys it in 55 gallon drums. Our standard product, an outdoor grade resin, is guaranteed for 7 to 10 years of exterior use without changing appearance.
    Next we pump the resin out of the drum into the dispensing machine. This machine has dispensing needles that can be configured to the individual sheet layout.
    The needles eject resin onto the label. The resin spreads out until it meets the edge of the label. Thanks to surface tension, the resin stops at the label edge and eventually conforms to the label shape.
    Now a catalytic reaction kicks in and the resin starts to gel. In a few minutes the labels can be stacked on trays.
    The labels cure overnight and are ready to ship the next day.
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    Make Your Logo Pop - See For Yourself