Presco Polymers Opco, Inc. (“Presco”) announced the formation of “Trident Solutions” to better represent its expanded portfolio of companies. The recent acquisition of Pro-line Safety Products, William Frick & Co., and Rhino Marking & Protection Systems, combined with the Presco Marking Products and Presco Engineered Films businesses, collectively form Trident Solutions.

Trident Solutions is a total solutions provider for safety identification and damage prevention products. Currently, Trident Solutions comprises four strong positioned industry leaders who are well respected in their marketplace(s). The creation of Trident Solutions will not impact the use of the current individual company names or functions. Branding efforts of the four companies will continue in conjunction with Trident Solutions.

“The companies that make-up Trident Solutions each have a powerful name in the industry, and we don’t want to do anything to take away from the brands,” said Clayton Chancy, Director of Marketing at Presco. “We created the name Trident Solutions as an umbrella brand that will be used to reference all companies in the expanded portfolio. We will continue to grow each company brand in addition to the Trident Solutions trademark.”

“Trident Solutions was created as an overarching parent brand to represent the combined products and services from existing, well-positioned and respected brand offerings inherent at each of the portfolio companies,” said Lisa McGregor, CEO of Trident Solutions. “The intention is to promote the growth of the combined entities through a synergistic cross-selling, product and market expansion approach while maintaining a solid connection and unified direction within the expanded team members.”

Formed in 1943, Presco manufactures safety marking products and extruded engineered films and laminated products in two dedicated manufacturing facilities in Sherman, Texas. These facilities house custom compounding and extrusion lines and over twenty custom stake flag and tape converting lines for Safety Marking Products. Pro-Line, a late 2019 Presco acquisition, manufactures tracer wire and safety marking products, including detectable and non-detectable tapes for underground marking and locating. William Frick, a late 2020 acquisition, is a manufacturer and value-added reseller of specialty labeling and marking products for the utility, OEM, aerospace, logistics, and asset management industries. Rhino, an early 2021 acquisition, is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of marker posts and related damage prevention products, including surface markers, decals, and signage.

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Presco’s management team continues to seek complementary strategic acquisition partners for the company. Presco is a portfolio company of River Associates Investments, a longstanding lower middle-market private equity firm based in Chattanooga, Tenn.