RFID Rear View Mirror Hang Tags

  • Smarter/Intelligent Parking Pass
  • Job/WIP Ticket
  • Serialized Bar code and 2D Bar code available
  • Customize message, print, color and size

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SmartMark RFID Logo

Track and identify vehicles come and go out of parking lots, gated communities and anywhere else with William Frick and Company’s RFID Rear View Mirror Hang Tags. Read the unique RFID information from a distance, the logo and barcodes are clearly printed on polyester labels attached to durable PVC hang tags. Perfect for temporary access control applications when you need to avoid permanent attachment to the windshield. Completely removable and reusable.

Additional information

Model Number

WF-SM-0042 Rear View Mirror Hang Tag


Vehicle/Fleet Marking


White Polyester Face Stock

Overall Thickness

12.0 – 14.0 mil


7.0” x 3.0” x .014”

Temperature Service Range

-40º F to 302º F

Water Resistance


UV Resistance

Very Good

Abrasion Resistance


Shelf Life

Completely Stable, Stored at 70F and 50% Relative Humidity

RFID Performance

RFID Protocol EPC Class 1 Gen 2; ISO 18000-6C
Tag Type Passive Read/Write
Frequency Range 860 – 960 MHz (Global)
User Memory 512 bits

*Other single record and dual record chips available.

Tested Polarization:

Tag performance was experimentally measured in an anechoic chamber with a known set of experimental variables. The antenna used for measurements was linearly polzarized and of monostatic configuration. The direction of tested polarization is as follows.

RFID Shipping Label Polarization Image

Optimal Read Range* on Different Material Surfaces:

RFID Shipping Label Read Range Graph

*Tag performance was measured free of material influence. Actual read ranges may differ depending on conditions such as environment, tag placements, hardware, etc.