RFID Durable Wire Tags

  • 360° read profile
  • Harsh environment, high temperature, chemical and solvent resistant
  • Up to 30 ft. read range
  • Embed into plastics, pallets, concrete, and rubber

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Easily track inventory, tools, shipping containers and pallets with our discreet embeddable RFID Durable Wire Tags. They combine strength and flexibility for harsh environments. Embed these tags in pallets, concrete, or plastic and get a 360° read profile.

Our RFID Durable Wire Tags can be encapsulated in high temperature and are abrasion, tear, chemical, water and solvent resistant.

Additional information

Model Number

WF-SM-WIRE RFID Durable Wire Tag


Asset Marking, Asset Tracking, Construction, Harsh Environments, High Temperature, Warehouse

Temperature Service Range

-40°F to 320°F

Water Resistance


Solvents Resistance


Oil Resistance

Very Good

Shelf Life

Completely Stable, Stored at 70F and 50% Relative Humidity

RFID Performance

RFID ProtocolEPC Class 1 Gen 2; ISO 18000-6C
Tag TypePassive Read/Write
Frequency Range860 – 960 MHz (Global)
User Memory512 bits
EPC Memory96 bits
ICAlien® Higgs® 3