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RB02 Metal Mount RFID Tag

Chemical & Solvent Resistant, Harsh Environment, Anti-Corrosive, Short Range RFID

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RB02 Metal Mount RFID Tag small

RB02 Metal Mount RFID Tag


  • Ceramic casing
  • Medium- to long-read range
  • High-strength adhesive attachment
  • Metal-mount capable



SmartMark™ RB02 is a high-strength metal mount tag used to identify and track assets containing metallic components exposed to harsh environments, or any assets used in the oil and gas industries. The RB02 features a high-strength 3M adhesive backing, a ceramic casing, and a compact footprint of just over one square inch.


Hazardous Materials Tracking


Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) comprise explosives, flammables, oxidizing substances, poisonous gases and radioactive materials. By definition, these substances can be extremely harmful to the environment and to human health. The RB02 RFID tag can be safely attached to metal drums and high-pressure gas tanks to facilitate tracking these hazardous materials through the whole supply chain: from the factory or place of origin, on board a truck or ship, through inventory management and disposal/destruction.


Metal Mount Capability


The RB02 RFID tag can be directly attached to metallic surfaces via adhesive without degradation in readability.







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Asset Marking & Tracking, Oil, Gas, Water Pipelines, Tools Tracking, Hazardous Materials Tracking


RB02 Metal Mount RFID Tag


Dimensions 1.13” x 1.13” x 0.09” (28.5 x 28.5 x 4.2 mm)
Mass 0.26oz (7.5g)
Available Colors Gray. 1D and 2D barcode or serialization available
Operating Temperature -22ºF to 185 ºF (-30 ºC to 85 ºC)
Tag Application Temperature -40 ºF to 302 ºF (-40 ºC to 150 ºC)
Case Application Temperature -40 ºF to 176 ºF (-40 ºC to 80 ºC)
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvent Resistance Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Excellent


Custom colors and messages are available upon request.

RFID Performance


RFID Protocol UHF EPC Class 1 Generation 2
Tag Type Passive, Read/Write
Frequency Range 840 - 960 MHz (Global)
EPC Size 96 Bits
User memory Impinj MONZA2


Tested Polarization:


Tag performance was experimentally measured in an anechoic chamber and a known set of experimental variables. The antenna used for measurements was linearly polarized and of monostatic configuration. The direction of tested polarization is as follows.












Optimal Read Range* on Different Material Surfaces:

*Tag performance was measured free of material influence, on a dry wood, window glass, thermoplastic, and steel slabs. Actual read ranges may differ depending on conditions such as environment, tag placements, hardware, etc.



RB02 Metal Mount RFID Tag

3M 55231 self adhesive




Shelf Life

Stored at 70ºF / 50% Relative Humidity

Completely stable at room temperature





RB02 Metal Mount RFID Tag Design

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