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Armored 300C tag

High Temperature, Waterproof, Chemical & Solvent Resistant, RFID Product, Harsh Environment, 360 Degree Read Profile

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Armored 300C tag small Armored 300C tag small

High Temperature Armored 300C RFID Tag



  • Excellent metal-mount performance
  • Weldable and boltable on any metallic parts or devices
  • Spherical readability enables long read distance from all angles and directions
  • Resistant to harsh environments and high temperatures




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The Armored 300C tag, embedded in ceramic coated steel case and super-high temperature ceramic, is directly mountable on any metallic surfaces and gives exceptional read/write performances under extreme temperatures and environments. The only tag in the world that is metal, not just metal mount, the 300C tag can be welded directly onto any metal part or device.


With a 360 degree read profile, this tag is very suitable for use in harsh environments and high temperatures be it in healthcare, manufacturing, construction or oil and gas industries.


Standards: ISO 17665, ISO 11135, ATEX-compliant, RoHS compliant






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Metal Mount, Heavy Machinery, Harsh Environments, High Temperature, Construction, Oil, Gas, Water Pipelines


High-temperature Ceramic with Ceramic Coated Steel Case

Test* Temperatures and Duration Results
Maximum Temperature Long-term at 10 hr: 570°F (300°C) RFID’s performance/function was not effected by test. There was slight cosmetic blistering. The tag read normal after the tests. *Test is not limiting.
Minimum Temperature -40°F (-40°C)  


Temperature Cycling   The tag was cycled to 570°F at equilibrium for five times. Between each cycle, it was air cooled to room temperature and read with an RFID reader.

RFID Performance

RFID Protocol UHF Class 1 Generation 2
Tag Type Passive Read/Write
Read Range Approximately 3-6 ft
Frequency Range 900 - 930Mhz
EPC Memory 128 bits


Optimal Read Range* on Different Material Surfaces:

*Tag performance was measured free of material influence, on a dry wood slab, standard steel slab, standard window glass, and standard thermoplastic.


Please note: Actual read ranges may differ depending on conditions such as type of reader, reader power setting, environment, tag placement, hardware, etc.


Shelf Life

Stored at 70F / 50% Relative Humidity

Stable at room temperature


Armored 300C tag Design

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