ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs

High Visibility, Color Coded, Versatile Attachment, Custom Designs Available, Safety

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ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs picture
ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs small ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs small

ANSI Z535 / NEMA Hazard / Safety Signs

  • Indoor/outdoor durable up to 30 years
  • Conforms to ANSI Z535 and NEMA standards
  • Versatile attachments
  • Custom sizes available

Safety Signs

Durable indoor/outdoor signs communicate your important information, identify potential hazards, and help prevent accidents season after season.


ANSI Compliant Message and Colors

Standard ANSI Z535 safety symbols include DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, NOTICE, and ATTENTION.  Our ANSI/NEMA signs adhere to the most up-to-date specifications.

William Frick manufactures safety signs from many materials.  Please refer to the table below to select the right material for your job. Our safety experts are available to assist you during the ordering process.   





Co-Extruded Poly




Outdoor Life

10+ years

5-10 years

30 years

10-15 years

25 years

10-15 years

Vandal Resistance








Reflective or non-reflective finishes

Excellent for indoor applications

Permanently engraved text

Embedded graphics. Low maintenance

Excellent outdoor durability

Embedded graphics. Graffiti resistant


0.025-0.080 inch

0.035-0.125 inch

0.080 inch

0.90-0.125 inch

0.044-0.070 inch

0.90 inch

Lead Times

2 weeks

2-3 weeks

2-3 weeks

2 weeks

4-8 weeks

2-3 weeks

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Additional Information


Safety & Compliance, Warehouse, Informational placards, Harsh Environments, Outdoor Use, Construction, Critical Warning and Safety, Overhead & Above Ground Marking, Ground Level Marking, Utility Markers and Signs


ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Signs

See above chart for safety sign materials

Temporary safety signs of disposable plastic or card stock with magnetic backing are also available in any thickness.


Warning Signs Attachment Methods

Frick ANSI Z535 / NEMA Hazard / Safety Signs can be attached using adhesive, hardware, brackets, steel posts, U-Channels and more. Call us for more information.

Safety signs do not come with adhesive

Shelf Life

Completely stable


ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs Design

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