Anti-Slip Floor Labels

  • Slip-resistant even when wet
  • Withstands foot and cart traffic
  • Custom messages, sizes, colors and graphics available
  • Sold in packs of 6


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Help ensure social distancing with Frick’s Anti-Slip Floor Labels. These slip-resistant labels are great for indoor applications where social distancing is a must. Their textured surface withstands foot and cart traffic, as well as maintains its non-slip properties when wet.

The Anti-Slip Floor Label is circular which allows them to last longer without peeling from constant foot traffic or floor cleanings while the Strips and Arrows allow you to mark your floors and direct traffic.

These premium slip-resistant pre-cut labels are easier to apply and replace than roll tape with minimal bubbling and simple alignment.

Choose between our 12” circles or 2.5” and 4” width strips, each with multiple color and messaging variations.

Anti-Slip Floor Labels are great for retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, clinics, government buildings and airports to help customers and the community social distance by staying 6-feet apart from one another during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Custom messages, sizes, colors and graphics available.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Model Number

WFS-OS-48 Anti-Slip Floor Labels


Graphic Labels, Informational Placards, Promotional Labels, Asset Marking, Outdoor Use, Safety & Compliance, Warehouse

Expected Outdoor Life

20 Days

Expected Indoor Life

90 Days

Minimum Application Temperature

50° F

Temperature Service Range

20°F to 150°F

Abrasion Resistance



Adhesion to Asphalt at 24 hr. dwell: Very Good, Adhesion to Concrete at 24 hr. dwell: Very Good, Adhesion to LSE Plastics: Moderate, Adhesion to HSE Plastics: Very Good, Adhesion to Steel at 24 hr. dwell: Good

Shelf Life

1 Year