3D Formed Hyform Emblems

  • Make your logo pop with a 3D formed design
  • Abrasion, water and solvent resistant
  • Attach to surfaces including metal, glass and plastic
  • Variety of finishes and colors available

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Hydome Logo

3D Formed Hyform Emblems are a great alternative to metal nameplates and other 3D labels with a wide variety of colors and finishes including chrome, carbon fiber, matte, glossy, velvet, satin, woodgrain, suede and leatherette.

Draw attention to your brand and enhance your product with 3D Formed Hyform Emblems. Customize these emblems with the shape and color of your logo or graphic. Form different elements of your design to create a 3D multi-layered finish.

Attach the emblems with a pressure sensitive permanent adhesive to a variety of surfaces including metal, glass and plastic. Letters and numbers can be die cut and individually spaced with pre-mask for easy application. The 3D Hyform Emblems are abrasion, water and solvent resistant.

Additional information

Model Number

WFS-HD-HYFORM 3D Formed Hyform Emblems


Appliance Labeling, Graphic Labels, Identification Labeling, Product Labels, Promotional Labels, Product Marking


Polyurethane and PVC

Overall Thickness

0.04" – 0.25"

Temperature Service Range

-10º F to 140º F

Minimum Application Temperature

50° F

Water Resistance


Oil Resistance


Solvents Resistance


UV Resistance


Abrasion Resistance



Permanent Acrylic


Adhesion to Glass at 24 hr. dwell: Excellent, Adhesion to Steel at 24 hr. dwell: Excellent, Adhesion to HSE Plastics: Excellent, Adhesion to LSE Plastics: Excellent

Shelf Life

Stored 77°F (25°C) in its original packaging, 1 Year