New WeatherTuff Outdoor and Harsh Environment Labels

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Nov 11 2015
WeatherTuff Outdoor Labels

William Frick & Company, a leading supplier of specialty marking and identification products including signs, products labels and utility markers, released a new line of outdoor and harsh environment labels. Featuring seven label constructions, the line offers solutions to product labeling in harsh, outdoor environments.

"WeatherTuff is truly a consolidation of our company's vast expertise and experience in engineering, testing and manufacturing outdoor durable labels," says Jeff Brandt, President of William Frick & Company (WFCo).

Engineered and Tested for Quality

WeatherTuff labels outdoor testingWeatherTuff labels QUV testing

WFCo product engineers evaluated many label constructions to determine which would become part of the WeatherTuff line. "The WeatherTuff labels were tested in our weather chamber to accelerate the simulated effects of: heat, UV light and condensation on the labels," adds Brandt.

"The side-by-side comparisons clearly show the best materials to use in these harsh environments." Labels that best represented a wide range of price points and durability ratings were selected for the WeatherTuff product line.

Designed for a Variety of Applications

WeatherTuff labels outdoor testing

Companies in industries such as OEMs, utilities and logistics can now order WeatherTuff labels for product identification, warning and instruction labeling, inventory control and asset management. "The support materials for WeatherTuff include a sample swatch book and online label selector. These convenient resources will help our customers choose the best product for their application."

For more information or to request your FREE sample swatch book, please visit our WeatherTuff Weatherproof Labels or call us at (847) 918-3809.

About William Frick & Company

William Frick & Company (WFCo) is a customer-driven ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of specialty identification products such safety, warning and branding labels; utility markers and as RFID tags. Since 1975, we have been a trusted supplier to OEMs, the logistics and telecommunications industries, oil and gas companies, electric utilities, and governments. For more information, please contact us at (847) 918-3809, or visit

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