Cable Markers and ID Tags – Durable Utility Cable Marking

Benefits of Frick’s Cable Marking Products

  High visibility
  Weather and UV resistant
  Field-tested outdoor durability of up to decades
  Completely customizable in sizes, colors, prints, etc.


Self-laminating Fiber Optic Cable Tags

Frick's Self-Laminating Fiber Optic Cable Tags are the perfect choice for marking your underground cables and/or other assets. These identification tags with self-laminating flap adds an extra layer of protection that seals your information. Made of heavy-duty plastic, they are built to last and make finding elevated cable runs in low light areas easy. 

Self-laminating Cable ID Tags

Customize your tags and protect your information with a Self-Laminating Cable ID Tags. Made of durable polyethylene, Frick's Self-Laminating Cable ID Tags can be imprinted with your logo and contact information. The self-laminating flap can also protect your handwritten information. These durable plastic are made so that your message will last. Order as a convenient kit and get tags with cable ties and our special Sharpie™ pen with UV stable ink!

Snap Arounds

Installs in a “snap!” These easy-to-install and brilliantly colored Frick's SnapAround™ Cable Markers offer an excellent choice to mark your existing cables. When applying, just unroll and snap around the existing cable, utility lines, optical fiber, etc. The marker then holds tightly around the cable for the rest of the life of the marker. Available with standard message for Telecommunications.

Brief Description

Frick knows the challenges that utility companies face every day. The weather, the harsh environments and the safety issues don’t intimidate us – in fact, we thrive on finding solutions that identify your outside plant assets and protect your people, no matter where they are. Our products can help you prevent errors, reduce outages and downtime and communicate with your people in the field. Whether you need to identify a utility pole, label a pedestal or cabinet, mark a cable run, or post a safety message, we can help you meet local, state and federal regulations with products that offer service lives of up to 30 years!

Industry/Applications Recommended

Telecommunications Cable Identification, Cable Safety, Outdoor Use, Critical Warning and Safety, Overhead & Above Ground Marking

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