Simply, Accurately, and Efficiently Track, Collect and Organize Data

SmartCAT Forms offers the perfect solution for data tracking and collection. The mobile app lets you create digitized and automated custom forms, while also providing secure data collection through UHF RFID, NFC and barcode. “This release of SmartCAT presents a flexible, powerful and affordable RFID-based asset management app,” explains Jeff Brandt, President of William Frick and Company.

Data can also be collected using GPS, pull-down menus, the device’s touchscreen or camera right through the app. All collected data is securely sent to a cloud storage database where it can be downloaded by administrators or accessed by other users with appropriate permissions. The app also works offline, making it perfect for asset management in remote areas.

“Integrating all the power and benefits of smartphones, cloud data access/storage and RFID/NFC automated data collection, our customers can manage their assets and workflows with streamlined efficiency and a quick return on their investment,” said Brandt.

About William Frick & Company

William Frick & Company has been a leader in product identification since 1975 and innovated hundreds of RFID label and tag solutions for clients tracking their assets. WFCo is a customer-driven ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of specialty identification products such as safety, warning and branding labels; utility markers and as RFID tags. For more information, please contact us at (847) 918-3700.