April is National 811 Month while August, 11th is National 811 Day. Help spread awareness by always marking your utilities to help save money on repairs and prevent disrupted utility services and/or serious injury or death to anyone who may accidentally dig into your utility line.

Mark underground utilities with APWA color coded markers printed with the 811 Call Before You Dig logo and your company contact information. This informs anyone digging in the area that your utility line is located below and they should call 811 one call before working on the project.

The following products are great for marking your utilities. Each marker has multiple unique benefits and use cases. All markers are APWA color coded (see chart below) and customizable with your name, logo, contact information and 811 logo.

It’s important to continually promote 811 one call all year long help to save money from unplanned repairs and prevent disrupted utility services. Get your free hard hat label to promote 811 every day, and remember, always call 811 one call a few days before you dig.

APWA Uniform Color Codes:

ColorUnderground Utility Mains
OrangeTelecommunications Utility: alarm or signal lines, fiber optic cables, or conduit
RedElectric Utility: electrical power lines, cables or conduit, and lighting cables
YellowOil & Natural Gas Utilities: oil, steam, petroleum, or other gaseous or flammable material
BlueWater Utility: potable water
GreenWastewater Utility: sewage and drain lines
PinkTemporary Surveys
WhiteProposed excavation limits or route

The 811 Logo is a registered trademark of the Common Ground Alliance.

Asset Tags

Quickly identify, locate, manage, inventory and prevent theft of assets with asset tags. Asset tags are used to mark anything from tiny tools to large pieces of equipment in industries spanning from education to manufacturing and everywhere in between. They contain various types of information including branding, text, barcodes and serial data. Custom asset tags are available in a variety of colors, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Metal Asset Tags

Metal asset tags are great for when asset labels and plastic tags won’t do the job. They are more durable than labels and perfect for harsh environments including extreme temperatures, heavy abrasion, and UV and chemical exposure. Metal asset tags are typically printed, embossed or etched on the surface of the tag.

Stainless Steel Asset Tags

Stainless Steel Asset Tags are the most common metal asset tag. They are corrosion resistant and great for ultimate harsh environment durability. Their embossed or etched graphics stay legible for 20+ years. These tags are weather, chemical and abrasion resistant. Stainless steel asset tags are typically heavier than aluminum asset tags, giving them extra strength and durability. They are great for applications with frequent cleanings of strong chemicals such as food processing, healthcare and labs.

Aluminum Asset Tags

Aluminum asset tags do not rust or corrode. They are most often used in manufacturing and utility industries. These tags can be anodized to seal in the graphics to provide long lasting features that stand up to abrasion, UV, chemicals and outdoor exposure.

Photo Anodized Aluminum Asset Tags

Photo anodized aluminum asset tags are the most durable aluminum asset tag option, standing up to even the toughest conditions. The photo anodized process seals the print below the surface, providing ultimate protection from corrosion, abrasion, UV, extreme temperatures and chemicals. The black print is crisp, fade and wear resistant and lasts 20+ years in harsh environments. These tags are great for variable and serialized information.

Zinc Asset Tags

Zinc asset tags offer super deep etching for high definition and detailed graphics. These decorative asset tags are offered in a variety of finishes and great for logos and branding products.

Asset Tag Labels

Asset tag labels, like metal asset tags, offer a large variety of options. There is an assortment of permanent and removable adhesives to choose from including high and low surface energy options to ensure the labels will stick to any asset. Using reflective material adds night time visibility and increases the read range of barcodes. Asset tag labels are great for indoor and general use applications.

Tamper Proof Asset Tags

When employees know their workplace keeps close track of certain assets, they are less likely to steal them. Tamper proof asset tags are nearly impossible to remove, breaking apart when removal is attempted. They can also leave VOID messages on the asset to easily identify if assets have been tampered with. Tamper proof asset labels are great for high value assets such as laptops, monitors, computers, printers and other electronic devices.

Asset Tag Ties

Not every application will be suitable for metal asset tags or labels; however, that doesn’t mean those assets shouldn’t be tagged and tracked. Asset tag ties are great for applications where other options will not work. These tags easily attach and hang from the asset using a zip tie, string, twist tie, etc., making them easy to identify, track and reuse if an asset is updated.

RFID Asset Tags

RFID asset tags work much like barcode asset tags. RFID chips can be easily scanned with a mobile device or RFID reader depending on the type of chip used. RFID asset tags provide many benefits over barcode asset tags including reading multiple asset tags at once, saving time on inventory and locating assets; increasing read ranges, allowing tags to be read from up to 100+ feet; and additional security with data encryption and the inability to reproduce or copy the label or tag.

Asset Tracking System

Asset tags can be easily read by the human eye or tracked using an asset tracking system. An asset tracking system can track and manage all assets’ data in one location. This helps save time taking inventory and locating assets. Asset tracking systems also help monitor and manage equipment usage, as well as their maintenance and repair schedules and records. To easily implement an asset tracking system, it is important to incorporate QR codes, barcodes or RFID chips in the asset tag’s design. These technologies allow for quick scanning of assets to upload the data into the system instead of manual entry.


Asset tags have many benefits including quick and easy identification, locating, inventory management and theft prevention. Every application, like every asset tag is unique in its own way. No matter the asset tag, metal or label, the attachment method, size, shape, color, image, text, barcodes and serial numbers can all be tailored to create your own custom asset tag.

As schools have been slowly coming back to in-person learning others are still staying virtual. On February 12, 2021, the CDC released their proposed phased mitigation plan to reopen K-12 schools.

Schools are such an important part of our community. They provide a safe and supportive learning environment for students, jobs for teachers, support staff, and other essential roles to run a school, as well as allow parents and guardians to work to support their families.

The CDC states: “It Is critical for schools to open as safely and as soon as possible, and remain open to achieve the benefits of in-person learning and key support services.”

Operational Strategy Guidelines

The operational strategy presents a guideline to safely reopen schools through mitigation strategies to help protect students and staff. These strategies include:

  • Universal and correct use of masks
  • Social distancing
  • Handwashing and hygiene etiquette
  • Cleaning and maintaining a healthy facility
  • Contact tracing and quarantining   

The CDC recommends prioritizing the strategies of both the universal and correct use of masks and social distancing of at least 6 feet, although consistently and correctly following these strategies has shown a decrease in risk and slowing the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

Let’s dive in to a few of these strategies:

Social Distancing

The CDC recommends promoting and keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between all students, staff and visitors. This can help not only provide protection, but also minimize risk of exposure and limit the number of close contacts.

Using guides and reminders like floor labels and arrows help promote social distancing and reduce crowding. If the area is often mopped and cleaned, using anti-slip material might help with other safety concerns. Be sure to find labels that adhere to various floorings like tile and carpet to ensure the labels can be used throughout your common areas, reception desk, front office, hallways, gyms and classrooms.

Handwashing Etiquette

It is important to not only teach, but reinforce proper handwashing etiquette. Adding handwashing signs in bathrooms, lounges and kitchen areas to remind students and staff to wash their hands as well as how to properly do so can help reduce the spread of germs in your school.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Healthy Facility

It is imperative to routinely and consistently clean high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, hand rails and light switches within a school and on school buses as much as possible.

Using antimicrobial film that contains an antimicrobial agent to protect it against bacteria, old, mildew and fungi is great for high contact surfaces.  

Pairing the film with a system that constantly reminds you when, what and where to clean as well as provides proper procedures to clean each area can help reduce the spread of germs and keep your staff on a routine cleaning schedule.


All-in-all, more and more schools will be reopening to students and staff. Keep your school and community safe by doing your part to slow the risk of spreading COVID-19.

As more research is conducted and new finding are brought to fruition on COVID-19, education, guidance and recommendations will be updated by the CDC.

January 11, 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

We are very pleased to announce that on Tuesday, December 22 William Frick & Company (WFCo) was acquired by Presco, a premier supplier and manufacturer of safety marking products and specialty films based in Sherman, TX.

Being that Evie and I have worked at WFCo for over thirty-one and thirty years respectively, this news will surprise many of our long-time business colleagues and friends.  Truly, we still enjoy working with the many fine people we have met through the business and want to help with the transition.  Thus, we will remain in our roles through the end of 2021 working with the entire staff from our Libertyville, IL office, which will continue operating as it is.

Since taking ownership of the company in 2012 Evie and I always sought paths that best support: compelling value propositions, strong financial performance and sustainable, long-term growth for our staff, suppliers and customers.  Presco presented us the chance to accomplish these company objectives in a timeframe and to a degree beyond our expectations.

Presco’s market familiarity and complimentary products makes WFCo a strong addition to their growing Safety Marking Products platform.  Along with Pro-Line Safety Products (another recent Presco acquisition) the companies will capitalize on their collective strengths to a greater degree than if each continued working independently.

Since the company’s founding in 1975, “FRICK” has built a reputation as a highly regarded, dependable, innovative, ethical and friendly company.  We’re very proud of our team and their accomplishments and strongly believe that under CEO Lisa McGregor, the company will continue building on its strengths and reputation as a top tier employer, supplier, customer and partner.

Please reach out to either of us if you have any questions and have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous year in 2021.


Jeff Brandt                                          Evie Bennett

President                                             Vice President

Accurately identifying telephone or cable lines at the pole or from the ground can play an important role in many tasks, and that is precisely why so many telecom companies rely on cable markers that make line ownership very clear. SnapAround Cable Markers from William Frick & Company are excellent in quality, designed to last, and highly customizable, making them the perfect solution for accurate cable identification.

Outstanding Quality Cable Markers at a Great Value

SnapAround Cable Markers from William Frick & Company are made of high-quality materials that can last outdoors year after year. The markers come in a wide range of colors for simple identification. These include orange, red, yellow, black, green, blue, and white along with black or white UV-stabilized ink. SnapAround Cable Markers are easy to install and do not need any surface preparation.

These cable markers are available with standard messages, which include the type of cable and fields for labeling, but they can also be printed with any telecom company’s logo or message of choice. The PVC plastic simply “snaps” into place around cables to identify them, making them incredibly easy to install at multiple poles, and thanks to their rugged construction, they will last for seven to 10 years or more without replacement.

Cable Clipper® Markers as an Alternative

SnapAround Cable Markers are excellent products for line identification, but when additional visibility is essential, Cable Clippers are a great alternative. They are made from sturdy, rugged PVC and are designed to clip over the cable and hang down much like a flag. An adhesive strip creates a bond in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which firmly secures the marker to the cable and holds it in place for seven to 10 years or more. These cable markers are incredibly easy to install; just remove the adhesive backing and clip them over the cable.

Cable Clipper Cable Markers have vinyl or reflective graphics that are available in standard orange, red, and yellow, but they also come in custom colors to suit any company’s needs. Reflective graphics make the products even more visible from the ground, which is essential for quick identification. Like SnapAround Cable Markers, telecom companies can choose standard messaging or custom graphics, including a logo. Standard and custom diameters are available to fit all cable sizes, too.

SnapAround and Cable Clipper Cable Markers are important tools for identifying fiber optic cable, telephone, and other communication cables. By accurately identifying individual cables at the pole, everyone’s job is clearer and simpler. When these high-quality products are combined with quick turnaround times and friendly, knowledgeable William Frick & Company staff, it becomes clear that these simple, yet effective cable markers are an excellent value for telecom companies of any size.

Client: SpotHero      Location: Chicago, IL      Industry: Parking      Project: Custom Outdoor Signs

On-demand parking app, SpotHero‚ improves customer experience with graphic signage from William Frick & Company

The Company

SpotHero is an on-demand parking app that helps drivers locate and reserve available parking online. SportHero rents parking spaces from garages, parking lots and private owners. Its services are offered in many cities including Chicago, New York and Boston.

“The signs ended up being less expensive and were delivered in a very reasonable  amount of time” –Chris Peterson – Account Executive at SpotHero


SpotHero needed a more clear and visible way to direct customers to their reserved parking spots. According to customer feedback, people had trouble determining which parking spot they reserved, especially in high-volume parking areas.

“We were working with another sign company and were frustrated with how long the process was taking” –Chris Peterson


Chris reached out to William Frick & Company (WFCO) for help. He worked with WFCo through each step of the design and production process. A WFCo representative visited Chris at his downtown Chicago office and spoke to associates throughout the company to better understand SpotHero’s needs.

After speaking to Chris and his associates, the WFCo team offered suggestions to create better signs:

  • Reflective Materials – make the signs reflective to help customers locate parking spots at night. They’re also great nonstop advertising.
  • Anti-graffiti laminate – withstands the paint solvents used to remove graffiti. Often companies replace vandalized signs. Using a special outdoor laminate reduces the need to purchase a replacement sign. The laminate also resists fading so colors stay brighter longer.
  • Curb Markers – are useful where there’s no place to hang a sign. These 5.5” x 2” domed labels are also ideal for marking specific parking spots.

Overall Chris and his team at SpotHero were very happy with the results. “ Customer service issues decreased at the locations where these signs have been installed.”

WFCo was “responsive, thought outside the box, were priced competitively, and provided the ideal solution in a timely manner. I look forward to doing business with them in the future!”