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Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy small

Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Strategy Consulting for Marketing, Branding and Technology
  • Product Lifecycle Testing and Review

William Frick & Company worked with Caoba Mexican Bar & Grill to develop a brand strategy by creating booth graphics and promotional signage for a local event. Our creative team helped Caoba draw in customers with UV-printed breeze banners and dry-erase menu pole signs that kept customers updated on daily menu specials.


To help improve the product branding of Joistmate®, Frick’s creative department designed a unique POP display that would stand out in a competitive retail environment.


SecondWindO2 needed to update and rebrand their website that was still using Adobe® Flash®. William Frick & Company provided a digital strategy to help SecondWindO2 increase its online presence under a new name, Oxygen4Energy. A complete web redesign was done along with re-branding.


Caoba Mexican Bar & Grill: Booth Graphics - PDF

William Frick & Company - Joistmate™: Identity and Display - PDF

SecondWindO2: Product, Identity and Development - PDF

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