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Marketing & Branding

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Marketing & Branding

  • Social Media, Email Marketing, Display Advertising and Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
  • Brand Identity and Engagement

William Frick & Company helped Great Cigars of Havana with a design consultation. Together they were able to improve the brand identity of Great Cigars of Havana through consistent branding on a variety of promotional materials and cigar bands.


To help SecondWindO2 (now Oxygen4Energy) promote their marketing and branding, William Frick & Company designed a tradeshow booth with messaging and graphics that were consistent with SecondWindO2’s logo and style. William Frick & Company also did keyword research and analysis to make sure that the new website for Oxygen4Energy was targeting the right audience. The company has since


Client Examples

Great Cigars of Havana: Identity and Design - PDF

SecondWindO2: Product, Identity and Development - PDF


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