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Creative Services

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Creative Services

  • Print Advertising
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Point of Purchase, Display and Packaging Engineering
  • Rapid Prototype Development

William Frick & Company worked with Caoba Mexican Bar & Grill to develop various printed and promotional signage for a local event. Our creative team ensured Caoba’s logo, theme and style were preserved throughout all promotional signage. We matched design and color and provided HD printing services featuring UV inks to ensure Caoba’s messaging was clear to all customers.


Charles Industry needed Pedlock® Boxes with custom printing. William Frick & Company’s creative team exceeded customer expectations by printing in high definition (1200 dpi) with UV-durable inks rated for 3-5 years of outdoor use. Advanced color management ensured consistent colors between components.

Great Cigars of Havana needed marketing materials to help promote their entire line of cigars and accessories. William Frick & Company’s creative designers developed promotional materials that could be easily distributed.


To help promote JoistMate®, William Frick & Company created a HD printed POP display for retail stores. In order to help make it stand out, the creative department designed, printed and cut the display.


To help SecondWindO2 (now Oxygen4Energy) promote their brand, William Frick & Company designed portable booth graphics, handouts and product packaging. The full booth design matched SecondWindO2’s branding and helped their products stand out on the crowded tradeshow floor. Additionally, William Frick & Company printed product labels and marketing materials to help promote the brand. Custom designed auto-ship cartons that protected the product during shipping and provided clear branding.


Client Examples

Caoba Mexican Bar & Grill: Booth Graphics - PDF

Charles Industry: Display Graphics - PDF

Great Cigars of Havana: Identity and Design - PDF

William Frick & Company - Joistmate™: Identity and Display - PDF

SecondWindO2: Identity and Display - PDF


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