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ANSI Standards Developer


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ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer (ASD)

  • Accredited by the American National Standards Institute
  • Let us help you develop your American National Standard (ANS)


William Frick & Company has achieved accreditation from ANSI

We are now an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer (ASD). ANSI accreditation is just the latest example of our organization's commitment to excellence, which is exemplified by unrivaled customer service, ISO9001:2008 certified process manufacturing, continuous quality improvement and innovative product development.


William Frick & Company offers a full line of custom ANSI-compliant signs, labels and lockout tags. In addition, as an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer, we may now submit standards for approval as an American National Standard (ANS). These standards must demonstrate adherence to ANSI's Essential Requirements, which outlines the Institute's requirements for openness, balance, lack of dominance, due process and consensus in standards development.


The scope of our standards activities includes the development of standards related to the design and layout of manufactured labels, tags, and identification products. In addition, William Frick & Company:

• Ensures its standards development processes adhere to a globally recognized
  standard and products created under these processes are of the highest quality
• Develops and revises standards relating to product identification


Need help developing a standard?

As an ANSI-Accredited Standards Developer, we can sponsor documents for approval by ANSI's Board of Standards Review for designation as an American National Standard.


If your organization needs help developing a standard, please contact us. Our Standards Committee will help oversee the development of your standard for approval. Please contact us at (847) 918-3700 for more information.



About Standards Development


What is a Standard?
A standard is a document recognized as a model of authority or excellence that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities and/or their results. Standards are developed under a process based on the concepts of consensus, openness, due process, and balance.


William Frick & Company standards provide guidelines for achieving specific project, program and portfolio management results.


How are Standards Developed?
Our standards are developed and approved under a consensus-based process that ensures all interested stakeholders can participate.


Standards development follows seven steps:

  1. Frick Standards Council (FSC) is chartered to develop a specific standard. This committee includes a chair, vice-chair and two other members. A WFCo staff member is also assigned as a resource. FSC will seek individuals pursuing membership on a Standards committee (SC) who are interested in developing and maintaining the standard.
  2. The Standards committee shall identify projects that require research and development for a specific market and inform the FSC.
  3. The Standards committee meets over a period of several months to draft and refine the standard.
  4. A subcommittee and a group of subject matter experts review the draft and return it to the Standards committee for revision.
  5. The revised draft is made available for public comment, which the Standards committee reviews and revises again.
  6. The finished standard is sent for approval to the Frick Standards Council, responsible for validating the development process of each WFCo standard.
  7. Upon recommendation by the FSC standards manager, the new standard is approved by the WFCo president for publication.


For more details or to inquire about having a standard developed, please contact us at (847) 918-3809.

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