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Full-service graphic design, brand support, prototyping and user experience (UX)

For over 40 years, William Frick & Company has provided expert graphic, promotional and branding services.

From local to national marketing campaigns, Frick’s experienced Marketing and Creative Services teams translate client’s goals into strategic plans with measurable benchmarks.

Whether your projects span online or offline markets, we’ll create initiatives that are designed and built to generate conversions. Our services fall into five primary categories, including:

Value-Added Services

Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Strategy Consulting for Marketing, Branding & Technology
  • Product Lifecycle Testing and Review

Creative Services

  • Print Advertising
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Point of Purchase, Display and Packaging Engineering
  • Rapid Prototype Development

User Experience & Testing

  • E-commerce Websites
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing

Web & Mobile Development

  • Motion Graphics
  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile Apps

Marketing & Branding

  • Online Marketing Campaigns including Social Media, Email Marketing, Display Advertising and Search Engine Marketing
  • Brand Identity and Engagement
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Value-Added Services

WFS-SER-0002 Vendor Managed Inventory
Vendor Managed Inventory


Electronic Data Interchange


WFS-SER-0004 Fulfillment Services
Fulfillment Services


Logo 100x134
Identification Consulting


Rapid Response
Prototypes and Short Runs


Promotional Products

SKU: WFS-ES-0033

Creative Services - SecondWindO2
Creative Services

SKU: VAS-Creative

Marketing & Branding - Great Cigars of Havana
Marketing & Branding

SKU: VAS-Marketin

Marketing Strategy - Booth Graphic
Marketing Strategy

SKU: VAS-Marketin

Oxygen4Energy User Experience Thumbnail
User Experience

SKU: VAS-User-Exp

Web & Mobile Development Thumbnail
Web & Mobile Development

SKU: VAS-Web-Mobi

ANSI Standards Developer | William Frick & Company
ANSI Standards Developer


User Wiki

Custom Graphics on Promotional Products Boost Sales, February 21 2011

By: Tracy

Every time I take on a new marketing client, I encourage them to invest in a line of promotional products with custom designs to market their brand. Attractive graphic design can really pay off when a client gives away freebies at trade shows to boost their brand recognition. An inexpensive coffee mug with attractive custom graphics in the hand of a potential customer who drinks coffee every morning can be a more effective advertising tool than much more expensive print or television ads.

I enjoy working with William Frick's designers and production people to come up with innovative promotional items for my clients to use to improve their brand recognition and boost their bottom lines. A little imagination can be worth more than a big advertising budget.

Outsourcing Graphic Design Services Saves Money, February 21 2011

By: Frank

As a small company, we learned early on that we could save a lot of money by outsourcing specialized tasks such as graphic design rather than keeping full-time staff on hand for work that is intermittent in nature. Whenever we need custom designs or custom graphics for new products, or for promotional efforts on existing products, we find it is much easier and cheaper to bring in outside experts to help us with the job.

While we are pretty good at coming up with basic ideas, we often consult with William Frick's design specialists to create final custom graphics for our campaigns. The Frick design team not only helps us with custom designs but, after the design is complete, they can usually manufacture what we need in their own facilities.

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