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Vehicle Safety Cap

Waterproof, High Visibility

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Vehicle Safety Cap small

Vehicle Safety Cap


  • Bright yellow reminder cap
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Weatherproof


Remind your workers to complete their safety circle walk around and pick up remaining tools and equipment by having them place a bright yellow plastic cap on the roof or hood of their utility vehicle. The highly visible cap reminds even the most conscientious worker to take one last look around before removing the cap and driving off.


The durable plastic cap comes with three embedded magnets that make the cap cling to the roof or hood of a vehicle. There is a 2.25 inch hole in the top of the cap to make it easy to reach in and pull the cap away from the vehicle when it's time to go.


Print with your company name and logo and a brief safety message.

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Safety & Compliance


Durable and Weatherproof Polycarbonate

Size 10 inch diameter
Weight 0.85 pounds
Height 5 inches
Available Colors Yellow
Water Resistance Excellent
Scratch Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Very Good

High-visibility yellow with sharp black printing will remind workers of your safety instructions



Durable cap attaches with thee sturdy magnets

Shelf Life

Stored 70°F (22°C) / 50% relative humidity

Completely stable


Vehicle Safety Cap Design

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