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Tower and Aerial Markers

Reflective, Chemical & Solvent Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, High Visibility, Custom Printed & Programmed

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Tower and Aerial Markers

Upgrade your geographic ID system with our custom tower markers (WFS-ES-0011). These durable markers can also be used to label substations. Featuring 5-inch tall, high-visibility numerals, William Frick tower markers are made from either 25-year durable porcelain or 15-year durable fiberglass. For added nighttime visibility, we can install reflective strips on these tower markers.

  • 250 foot viewable range
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Custom-sized characters for any application
  • Choose from porcelain or fiberglass
  • Available in: black on white, black on orange, black on yellow

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Utility Labeling, Cabinet Labeling, Outdoor Use, Critical Warning and Safety, Overhead & Above Ground Marking, Outdoor Labels and Numbers


Tower Marker Materials

Sizes (mil or inches): 5-inch tall characters or custom
Expected Outdoor Durability: 15 years for fiberglass, 25 years for porcelain
Service Temperature range: -40º F to 185º F
Available Colors: White, Orange, Yellow, or Custom
Ink Colors: Black
Water Resistance: Excellent
Solvents Resistance: Excellent
UV Resistance: Excellent
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent

Fiberglass or Porcelain

Shelf Life

Completely stable


Tower and Aerial Markers Design

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