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TestPost Test Station Marker

High Visibility, UV Stable, 360 Degree Read Profile

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TestPost Test Station Marker small TestPost Test Station Marker small TestPost Test Station Marker small

TestPost® Test Station Markers

  • 360° visibility
  • In-mold graphics with a lifetime guarantee against peeling, chipping or fading
  • Includes 5 standard stainless steel terminals
  • Custom options include: rfid, terminals, sizes, colors, graphics and compression lugs for easier wire attachment


TestPost® markers add a terminal/test station to standard marker posts. Enclosures are constructed of Lexan® polycarbonate high-impact plastic and feature rugged stainless steel hardware. Each unit comes with five standard terminals. Special compression lugs are available for easier wire attachment. Anchor bar included with each marker. This cathodic test post is fade resistant and UV stable. Comes standard with a 3.5" diameter shaft with 11 terminals; also available in a 1.5" size with two standard terminals.


Custom Faceplate

TestPost Faceplate

Test posts are also available with a specially designed, fully customizable faceplate. This scratch-and impact-resistant terminal faceplate is designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements and excessive handling by field crews. Permanent lettering ensures descriptions won't wear out. Easily made to order with custom text, layout and number of holes.

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Why Our TestPost® Markers are Better


Premium Construction–outdoor durable marker posts feature Lexan polycarbonate cap and 100% prime high-density polyethylene body. The UV-stabilized plastics prevent warping and are designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments for 20-20+ years.


Embedded Graphics–unlike surface or screen-printed marker posts, our custom graphics are permanently molded into the polyethylene material. Graphics won't fade, chip or peel and cannot be scratched off, ensuring your underground utility remains clearly marked. Permanent printing will even withstand harsh solvents used for removing graffiti.


Color Legends–high-visibility colors conform to US DOT regulations. Available in APWA uniform color codes (see chart below).


APWA Uniform Color Codes

Color Underground Utility Mains
Orange Telecommunications Utility: alarm or signal lines, fiber optic cables, or conduit
Red Electric Utility: electrical power lines, cables or conduit, and lighting cables
Yellow Oil & Natural Gas Utilities: oil, steam, petroleum, or other gaseous or flammable material
Blue Water Utility: potable water
Green Wastewater Utility: sewage and drain lines
Pink Temporary Surveys
White Proposed excavation limits or route

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Utility Labeling, Harsh Environments, Outdoor Use, Oil, Gas, Water Pipelines, Critical Warning and Safety, Ground Level Marking, Utility Markers and Signs


Rigid PVC Plastic with Stainless Steel Hardware

Standard Size 6’ or 8’ tall. 3.5" Outside Diameter
Expected Outdoor Life Guaranteed for life against fade, peel, or chip
Service Temperature range -40ºF to 185ºF
Minimum Application Temp Any temperature as long as the ground is not frozen
Available Dome Colors Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, and White
Available Post Colors White, Orange, and Yellow
Ink Colors Standard is Black
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvents Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Excellent

Custom colors and lengths available upon request.

Shelf Life

Stored 70°:F (22°C) / 50% relative humidity

Completely stable


TestPost Test Station Marker Design

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