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Engraved Tags

Waterproof, Abrasion Resistant, Durable Product ID, Harsh Environment

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Engraved Tags small Engraved Tags small Engraved Tags small

Engraved Signs and Tags


  • Permanently engraved, one-piece construction
  • Can be ordered prefabricated for serialization
  • Also available 0-9 and A-Z, sets, or custom messages
  • Competitive, low-volume pricing


Permanently engraved signs and tags by William Frick & Company are easy to view, simple to install and long lasting. Made of noncorrosive polyethylene, these markers stand up to even the harshest weather for as long as 20 to 30+ years. Sequential or random numbering is available. Great for small runs.


Use in a variety of applications


Signs and tags are an excellent choice for marking important equipment and critical assets, or for alerting workers to potential hazards. The prefabricated, one-piece construction can be used as a convenient alternative to channel markers. They fit well against wood poles and attach quickly using nails; order with a special film to keep wood preservatives from leeching through and discoloring the marker.



Phase Markers



Engraved tags make excellent phase markers. Click photo to enlarge.



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Utility Labeling, Serial labels, Outdoor Use, Outdoor Labels and Numbers



Size Up to 36 x 24"; characters from 1" to 6" or larger
Expected Outdoor Durability 20 to 30+ years
Service Temperature range -40º F to 185º F
Available Colors Orange, yellow, red, gray, blue, green
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvents Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Excellent


Manual attachment

Easily affix markers using nails.

Shelf Life

Stored at 70°F and 50% Humidity

Completely stable


Engraved Tags Design

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