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Bend Radius Tool


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Bend Radius Tool small

Bend Radius Tool


  • Handy measuring device
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate
  • Black and yellow with custom colors available


The Bend Radius Tool is a handy measuring device that fiber-optic cable installers can use to ensure they are complying with ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B-3, the Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard.


Made of lightweight yet sturdy polycarbonate, the pocket-size tool doubles as a ruler. The bend at the top helps technicians measure bend radius quickly to prevent excessive bending and meet performance specifications governing the minimum bend radius for fiber-optic cables of one-inch under no-pull load and two-inches when subject to tensile loading up to the rated limit. For inside plant cables other than two and four fiber, the standard specifies ten times the cable's outside diameter under no-pull load and fifteen times the cable's outside diameter when subject to tensile load.

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Safety & Compliance



Size (mil or inches) 6 x 3 inches
Thickness .0275 inch
Material Polycarbonate
Available Colors Yellow & black or custom
Water Resistance Excellent
Scratch Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Very Good

Durable, cost-effective tool for every cable installer

Shelf Life

Stored 70°F (22°C) / 50% relative humidity

Completely stable


Bend Radius Tool Design

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