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BTOP Signs and Banners

Reflective, Custom Printed & Programmed, Harsh Environment

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BTOP Signs and Banners small

BTOP Signs and Banners


  • Durable outdoor signs
  • NTIA compliant signs
  • Fills regulatory requirements


BTOP (Broadband Technologies Oppportunities Program) signs and banners are required for BTOP award recipients that have projects requiring “construction”. The Special Award Condition states:


“The recipient is responsible for constructing, erecting, and maintaining in good condition throughout the construction period a sign(s) satisfactory to the NTIA that identifies the project and indicates that the project is Federally funded. The NTIA also may require that the recipient maintain a permanent plaque or sign at the project site with the same or similar information.”


These reasonably priced signs will comply with NTIA requirements regarding the BroadbandUSA emblems, size, clear space, and color.


Recovery Act Logo signage requirements:


1. Recipients must use the Primary Emblem or the BroadbandUSA Emblem in construction signage

2. The emblem must be at least six inches or larger in diameter

3. Recipients must not change proportions of the emblem

4. If using a color emblem, use the colors specified in the Information and Tools section

5. Always leave clear space surrounding the logo equal to half of the logo’s radius


Let William Frick help your company comply with the BroadbandUSA regulations.  Available as banners, signs, and/or plaques.

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Additional Information


Safety & Compliance, Non-critical Safety/Warning decals


Various Material Constructions Available

All outdoor durable materials are available. Aluminum, vinyl, stainless steel, poly, etc.

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