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Asphalt Magnail and Stamped Washer

High Temperature, Abrasion Resistant, Custom Printed & Programmed

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Asphalt Magnail and Stamped Washer small

Magnail and Stamped Washer


  • Magnetized nail makes locating simple
  • Magnail has easy installation
  • Durable construction


The Magnail and stamped washer (with 28 character message) can be directly driven into asphalt for a durable asphalt marker that can be driven over. This asphalt marker can be used to mark asphalt pavements, because it is easily detectable with a magnetic locator. The Magnail has a larger center-point and increased elasticity to reduce breakage when driving into the asphalt.


Sidewalk or Road ID


This is the perfect route marker for wet concrete and asphalt; the magnetized masonry nail secures a stainless steel washer. Each washer can be custom stamped with your company name and phone number for simple sidewalk or roadway identification.

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Utility Labeling, Property management, Outdoor Use, Oil, Gas, Water Pipelines, Ground Level Marking


MagNail and Stainless Steel Washer


Standard Sizes 1.5" or 2.5" long Magnetized Nail.  Washer diameter 1.5" or 2.25"
Expected Outdoor Durability 10+ years guaranteed
Service Temperature range -90º F to 300º F
Available Colors Stainless Steel
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvents Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Excellent


Shelf Life

Stored 70°F (22°C) / 50% relative humidity

Completely Stable


Asphalt Magnail and Stamped Washer Design

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