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Aluminum Utility Pole Tags

Waterproof, Chemical & Solvent Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, High Visibility, UV Stable, Custom Printed & Programmed, Harsh Environment

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Aluminum Utility Pole Tags small Aluminum Utility Pole Tags small

Aluminum Utility Pole Tags


  • Clearly identify your utility poles with embossed metal characters
  • Aluminum construction for outdoor durability
  • Common character height: 1", 3" and 6" tall
  • 1" vertical or horizontal orientation available


Fits in Frick Pole Marker Channels


Aluminum pole tags are extremely durable and offer high visibility at far distances. These aluminum letters and numbers come in different sizes. The 1" and 3" aluminum tags easily slide into pole-marker channels. The 3" and 6" embossed metal tags can also be directly screwed or nailed into many surfaces.


Aluminum Utility Pole Tags - Quality and Performance


These versatile metal letters and numbers are embossed into 0.025-inch aluminum. The embossed depth is 0.013-inch. Embossing helps to ensure readability even if the tag has faded or been defaced. For further dimensional information please consult image below. 1" and 3" dimensional specifications available upon request.

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Identification Labeling, Utility Labeling, Asset Marking & Tracking, Do-It-Yourself Address Marking, Outdoor Use, Outdoor Labels and Numbers


Embossed Aluminum Tags


Sizes Character height: 1", 3" and 6"
Expected Outdoor Durability 5+ years
Service Temperature Range -40º F to 185º F
Available Colors Black on Yellow
Water Resistance Excellent
Solvents Resistance Good
UV Resistance Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Excellent


Custom designs and materials available.

Shelf Life

Stored 70°F (22°C) / 50% relative humidity

Completely stable


Aluminum Utility Pole Tags Design

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