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Utility Markers and Marking Systems

Introduction to Utility Markers

Utility markers are invaluable to keep your assets from accidental damage and harm. We understand the need for clearly labeled, highly visible markers, but we differentiate ourselves on the superb durability of Frick utility marker products. Our rugged and durable utility markers are tested and ready to withstand extreme temperatures, direct and continuous sunlight, heavy impacts and more. These markers have been tested to be vehicle collision resistant, abrasion resistant, weather resistant and more.

Utility Marker Materials

We make our utility markers durable, ultraviolet fade resistant, and extreme temperature resistant to make costly re-markings unnecessary. Our signs, tags, markers, labels and other products are easy-to-install and can be built in a wide variety of materials for maximum service life. We provide a wide range of materials for marking systems including polyethylene, Lexan, fiberglass, brushed aluminum, stainless steel, and UV inhibiting plastics.

Utility Marker Materials Outdoor Life Vandal Resistance Features
Polyethylene 5-10 years No Excellent for indoor applications
Lexan 10-15 years Yes Embedded graphics makes this material extremely resistant to graffiti.
Fiberglass 10-15 years Yes Low maintenance product
Aluminum 10+  years No Reflective or non-reflective finishes for that attractive yet durable look.
Stainless Steel 25 years Yes Our most durable product. Stainless steel can last more than 30 years without fading, peeling, cracking.
UV inhibiting plastics 10+ Yes Excellent for outdoor applications, locations under direct sunlight

Utility Marker Applications

More than 50% of all utility service interruptions can be the result of accidental damage by builders, home owners, and construction crew. Use William Frick durable utility markers to clearly mark your valuable assets. Use the chart below to quickly identify the suggested product for your application. All our utility markers are available custom-made with your unique message and color.

Asset to Mark Suggested Utility Marker Product
Storm drains, sewers, ground level assets Curb markers, Serialized curb markers, Soil Markers
Underground pipeline Aerial Markers
Underground electrical conduits,

Underground cable TV runs

FlexPost, DomedPost, TestPost
Aboveground Cables Cable Clippers, Snap Around Cable Markers
Asphalt Roads, Concrete, Sidewalks Magnails, Pavement Markers
Electric Utility Poles Pole Markers Kit, Reflective Numbers Kit


New Utility Markers Technology

William Frick is constantly changing and improving our technology. RFID in utility markers is a rapidly changing field, and one where William Frick leads the industry. Just in the last year, we have introduced RFID enabled pole tags where data is encoded in barcode, long range visual and RFID format. We also outfit our TestPost utility markers with RFID capability to save time and minimize errors by linesmen.

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Utility Markers

FlexPost Utility Markers
FlexPost Flexible Utility Marker

SKU: WFS-ES-0007

Soil Markers
Soil Markers

SKU: WFS-ES-0002

DomedPost Utility Markers
Dome Post Utility Marker

SKU: WFS-ES-0003

WFS-ES-0004 SnapAround Cable Markers
SnapAround Cable Markers

SKU: WFS-ES-0004

Curb Markers
Curb Marker

SKU: WFS-ES-0005

TestPost Test Station Marker
TestPost Test Station Marker

SKU: WFS-ES-0006

WFS-ES-0009 Grounds and Safety Flags
Grounds and Safety Flags

SKU: WFS-ES-0009

WFS-ES-0013 Reflective Numbers and Letters
Reflective Letters, Numbers and Kits

SKU: WFS-ES-0013

WFS-ES-0013A Pole Channels
Pole Marker Channels

SKU: WFS-ES-0013a

WFS-ES-0011 Tower Markers
Tower and Aerial Markers

SKU: WFS-ES-0011

WFS-ES-0012 Transformer EQ Patch
Transformer Hole Patch

SKU: WFS-ES-0012

Cable Clippers
Cable Clippers

SKU: WFS-ES-0014

WFS-ES-0015 Aerial Marker
Aerial Markers

SKU: WFS-ES-0015

ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs130
ANSI Z535 / NEMA Safety Hazard Signs

SKU: WFS-ES-0016

Self Laminating Cable ID Tags

SKU: WFS-ES-0019

Lockout Tags, Assortment
Lock-Out Tags

SKU: WFS-ES-0025

Hard Hat Emergency Labels
Hard Hat Emergency Labels

SKU: WFS-ES-0029

Serialized Curb Marker

SKU: WFS-ES-0034

WFS-ES-0035 RFID Pole Tag
RFID Enabled Pole Tag


WFS-ES-0036 Flame Resistant Cable Tag
Flame Resistant Cable Tag FR4


WFS-ES-0020 Pavement Markers
Pavement Markers

SKU: WFS-ES-0020

WFS-ES-0021 Magnail
Asphalt Magnail and Stamped Washer

SKU: WFS-ES-0021

WFS-ES-0037 Aluminum or Bronze Concrete Markers
Orbital Concrete Markers

SKU: WFS-ES-0037

Curb Marking Kit


WFS-ES-0024 Safety Pocket Cards
Safety Pocket Cards

SKU: WFS-ES-0024

WFS-ES-0039 Boom Raised Flag
Boom Raised Flag

SKU: WFS-ES-0039

Aluminum Pole Tags
Aluminum Utility Pole Tags

SKU: WFS-ES-0036

Aluminum Tags WFS-ES-0043
Aluminum Tags

SKU: WFS-ES-0043

Engraved Danger Tag
Engraved Tags

SKU: WFS-ES-0027

WFS-ES-0026 Marking Flags
Marking Flags

SKU: WFS-ES-0026

Ground Testing Program | WFS-ES-0044
Ground Testing Program

SKU: WFS-ES-0044

Asset Label

SKU: WFS-OS-0027

WFS-OS-0028 Metal Asset Tag
Metal Asset Tag

SKU: WFS-OS-0028

Bend Radius Tool
Bend Radius Tool

SKU: WFS-ES-0047

Vehicle Safety Cap
Vehicle Safety Cap

SKU: WFS-ES-0048

BTOP Signs and Banners
BTOP Signs and Banners


Buried Warning Tape
Buried Warning Tape

SKU: WFS-ES-0049

Pedestal Marker Flag
Pedestal Flag

SKU: WFS-ES-0051

Truck Quit Flag
Truck Quit Flag


Handwriting Cloth Label
Handwriting Cloth Label


Pull Tight Security Seal
Pull Tight Security Seal


Green cone sleeve
Cone Sleeves


Barcoded Transformer Labels


Cone Sleeve with Connector
Flexible Sidewalk Barrier

SKU: WFS-ES-0057

Long Cone Sleeve
Full-Coverage Cone Sleeve

SKU: WFS-ES-0056

Utility Pole Wrap with Velcro Attachment
Velcro Utility Pole Wrap

SKU: WFS-ES-0059

Micro-Trench Marker Thumbnail
Micro-Trench Marker

SKU: WFS-ES-0058

Fiber Optics Only Label Horiz
Fiber Optics Only Label Horizontal

SKU: WFS-ES-0060

Fiber Optics Only Label Vertical

SKU: WFS-ES-0061

Fiber Optic Cable Tag
Fiber Optic Cable Tags


User Wiki

High Visibility Markers, May 14 2010

By: Michael

Update: Frick's reflective technology advances high visibility markers to yet another level. Utility marking systems can now be even more bright or visible at dusk or at night. Ask about how to equip your pipeline markers, aerial markers, or other markers with these new reflective elements.

Great Selection of Utility Markers, January 24 2011

By: Robert

Effective utility marker installation is one of the keys to pipeline and utility line safety. We have found that William Frick supplies the most complete line of utility markers available to the industry. We have never had a need for a flexible utility marker or flat marker that Frick has not been able to fill.

We mark all of our buried lines with Frick's FlexPost flexible utility marker products to ensure that adjoining landowners and contractors know exactly where our lines are. This way we don't have to worry about accidents caused by poor identification of utility markers. We also use Frick's flat marker products to show where our lines cross paved streets and parking lots. Frick has all types of utility markers. We are in the process of setting up a computerized maintenance records system incorporating RFID enabled pole tags provided by Frick.

Utility Markers Using the Uniform Color Code Increase Safety, February 21 2011

By: Bill

As a general contractor, I require all of my employees and sub-contractors to be familiar with the uniform utility color code and to use it for all of our utility work. When one of my people drives up to a work site, I want them to be able to see exactly what kinds of potential hazards they are dealing with just by looking at the utility marker colors. For example, if they see yellow pipeline markers, they know there are petroleum product lines or steam pipelines at the site and if they see red markers, they know to be prepared for electric power lines or other cables.

William Frick always has the utility markers and marking systems we need for every situation. We use their color-coded pavement markers and FlexPost utility markers on almost all of our projects.

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