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RFID Tags Innovation Kit

RFID Product, RFID Labels

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RFID Tags Innovation Kit small

RFID Tag Innovation Kit

  • Kit contains 27 RFID tags
  • 2 of each RFID tag
  • Many different styles and applications included


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William Frick & Company offers the most comprehensive RFID tags kit available anywhere. It contains 27 unique RFID tags and labels and a carrying case with labeled compartments to keep everything together. The samples range from RFID-enabled retail labels to RFID tags that can be attached to assets through welding, embedding, hanging, nailing, screwing, adhesives and wrapping. The kit contains 2 of each RFID tag. Buy a kit today and check out these items:


Part # Description
WF-SM-MT-1 Three Part Inventory Control Tag
WF-SM-22 Foam-Backed Metal Mount RFID/Barcode Tag
WF-SM-FT-2 RFID Floor Tag
WF-SM-17 Laminated RFID Hang Tag
WF-SM-15 RFID Secura-T Flag Tag
WF-SM-34 RFID Windshield Tag
WF-SM-0018 Silicone RFID Laundry Tag
WF-SM-62SN RFID Key Ring Hang Tag
SM-HID-6A7981 RFID Tag
SM-HID-798990 SlimFlex RFID Tag
WF-SM-XDT2 Data Trak Tag
WF-SM-OK17 Small Metal-Mount RFID Tag
WF-SM-75HT Small Metal-Mount RFID Tag
WF-SM-300C Weldable Armored 300C Tag
WF-SM-XP2Na Pico Tag
WF-SM-IN02T Teflon Coated RFID Wire Tag
SM-HID-698902 Extremely Durable Metal Mount RFID Tag
WF-SM-SA RFID SnapAround® Cable Marker
WF-SM-31 Silicone RFID Tag
WF-SM-CC71 RFID Wire Laundry Tag
WF-SM-IN02 Embeddable Wire Tag
WF-SM-50RS Small Rubber Domed RFID Tag
WF-SM-ZT02 Zip Tie Tag
WF-SM-AT03 Stick Metal Mount RFID Tag
WF-SM-77B Black Rugged RFID Tag

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Asset Marking & Tracking, Heavy Machinery

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