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RFID Sample Pack

RFID Labels

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RFID Sample Pack small

RFID Sample Pack

William Frick & Company offers the comprehensive RFID sample pack containing 7 unique RFID tags and labels. The samples range from RFID-enabled retail labels to RFID tags that can be attached to a variety of assets through hanging, sticking, adhering and wrapping. These tags are perfect for use in asset-tracking and property management, especially in the retail and IT industries.   Buy a sample pack today and check out these items:


Part # Description
 WF-SM-15   RFID Secura-T Flag Tag
 WF-SM-16   Retail & Jewelry RFID Tag
 WF-SM-17   Laminated RFID Hang Tag
 WF-SM-22   Foam Backed Metal Mount RFID Tag
 WF-SM-0001   RFID Strap Label
 WF-SM-SA   RFID SnapAround® Cable Markers
 SM-MT-1   Three Part Inventory Control Tag

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Identification Labeling, Warehouse, Product Marking, Asset Marking & Tracking, Property management, Retail Product Tracking

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